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What to Expect When You Order Linen Sheets for the First Time

It's no secret that we appreciate the many and varied benefits of 100% linen. The breathability, the practicality, the luxury - for us, it's a no brainer. For someone who has never slept on linen sheets before, there are some differences you'll notice during your first sleep. 

For starters, it'll feel different against your skin and add a Pinterest-worthy vibe to your bedroom. And with every use, you'll realise your linen only gets softer and cosier to sleep in overtime.

Of course, as with any new purchase, ensure you check the care instructions carefully when you order linen sheets for the first time, and don't be afraid to reach out with any questions not answered. 

In the meantime, here's a full rundown on what you can expect when you order linen sheets for the first time.

9 things to expect when you order linen sheets for the first time

1. They get softer over time

You don't need to do anything extreme to see your linen sheets soften over time. Simply washing linen sheets with a liquid detergent on a cold, gentle cycle and then air drying is enough. How? With every wash, your linen becomes more absorbent and feels cosier and softer, without actually wearing down. The more you wash linen, the softer it becomes, all without becoming worn and weak.

2. They look even better messy

The natural crinkles of 100% linen are what makes the fabric so perfect for bed linen. If you appreciate a more organic aesthetic - and don't have time to make your bed with precision every morning - you'll be obsessed with the effortless, undone style of an imperfectly styled bed clothed in natural flax linen.

You can iron linen bedding if you wish, but it will look just as good (perhaps even better) if you don't.

3. They dry faster

Say goodbye to extended dryer cycles or days on end hanging on the line. Flax linen is naturally moisture wicking, which is a big win for hot sleepers and an even bigger win for people who would prefer to avoid hours of housework when there are far better things to do.

It's recommended to dry linen sheets naturally in the shade, but if it's raining, or you don't have a space big enough to air dry your bedding, a gentle dryer cycle on low heat will get you where you need to be.

4. They last longer

Flax linen is known for its durability, which is why you probably won't see it ripping at the corners like other fabrics.

Linen thread is twice as durable as cotton or wool, and is even stronger when wet - 20% stronger, in fact. Despite its strength, it's also soft and even becomes buttery-soft over time.

Flax linen bedding also retains its shape more so than other sheets, keeping it looking fresh and fitting perfectly years into its life cycle.

5. They regulate temperature

Linen is a natural insulator, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Basically, the fabric keeps you insulated, meaning whatever amount of body heat you generate at night doesn't escape. If you're cool, the linen will keep you cool. If you're warm, you'll stay cosy and toasty until it's time to wake up.

Temperature regulation is an important part of any good night's sleep, so it's vital your sheets are working for you and not against you in this respect.

6. They support good sleep hygiene

Not only are linen sheets likely to last longer, they also help to improve quality of sleep and overall wellbeing.

In addition to being a natural temperature regulator, the softness of flax linen will keep you relaxed throughout the night, and is also antibacterial, helping to keep your sleep space healthy and clean.

7. They feel textured

For some, the feel of linen feels like a breath of fresh air on their skin; for others, the sensation can be surprising.

Natural flax linen - a porous, absorbent, natural fibre - feels different than machine-made cotton. The tactile yet buttery-soft quality of natural flax linen, while different, is even more comforting than standard cotton manchester.

8. They are best washed before use

Some pilling might occur within the first few washes, which you'll notice in your dryer's lint catcher or on the ground below your clothes line. This won't happen with all linen, but if it happens to you consider soaking the linen and then wash it.

Give your linen a good shake outside or in the laundry before you make your bed or store your sheets in a drawer or cupboard. Linen is a natural fibre prone to shrinkage, which is why it's pre-washed during the manufacturing process.

Pre-washing also helps to removes excess dye from the fabric and prevent the colour from running once it arrives in its new home. Even though new linen sheets will arrive to you pre-washed, it's always best to give them a wash before you make your bed with them.

9. The fabric is sturdy

Though linen has a low GSM—grams per square metre, or the metric by which fabric is weighed—the actual fibre itself is incredibly strong and durable. A good set of linen sheets is an investment for years and years because of the long shelf life of linen as a fabric. The sturdiness and durability of genuine flax linen means that the fabric doesn’t show wear and tear as you wash it.

Enjoyed this? This is exactly how to wash, dry and store your 100% French flax linen.

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