The Benefits of Sleeping in 100% Flax Linen

You might be wondering, why linen? 100% flax linen, in particular? Well, lots of reasons, actually. Based in Australia, we are committed to creating luxurious bedding that’s comfortable to sleep in — regardless of the season — and linen keeps you cool in the heat, and acts as an insulator in the cold. The best bit? It softens with every wash and becomes more comfortable as time goes on, but the benefits of this beautiful natural manchester go beyond just that...

It's Luxurious...

Transforming your bedroom into a luxurious space with timeless appeal, there’s simply nothing that rivals flax linen when it comes to style. Complementing both period and contemporary interiors, linen’s simplicity, texture and natural feel would grace any home. Available in a diverse colour palette, linen bedding is the discerning choice whether you favour muted tones or bolder statements. It also looks better when it's unwashed an un-ironed, and gives any space a relaxed yet refined finish.


Flax linen benefits from high air permeability and is an efficient conductor of heat. In other words, it's a breathable fabric which regulates your temperature to keep you comfortable across the seasons. You will feel cool in summer and warm in the colder months, ensuring that it is easier to catch up on those all-important zzzs, which is ideal if you tend to overheat.

Highly Absorbent

Linen fibres are hollow and can absorb as much as 20 per cent of their weight in moisture before they start feeling wet, so linen bedding always feels fresh to the touch. Wicking perspiration away from your body, linen keeps you feeling cool and cosy, night after night, whatever the weather.

Gorgeous Texture

The distinctive texture of flax linen has to be experienced to be appreciated. It softens with every wash, and thanks to it's refined texture, it delivers a light massaging effect due to the breaks throughout the fabric, which makes it exceptionally gentle on the skin.

Repels Dirt

Linen fibres repel dirt - your bedding is naturally stain-resistant and will remain looking fresh and vibrant for longer, although you should wash your set regularly... for hygiene reasons, and also because it will become even softer with wear.


Linen bedding is twice as durable as cotton bedding. Lasting for decades, if properly cared for, it's an amazing investment for your home, not to mention, your sleep.


Flax requires less water and fewer pesticides than cotton in order to thrive. The entire crop is utilised, even the elements which do not feature in the production of linen. For example, the seeds are pressed to make linseed oil. Linen is a renewable resource and is both biodegradable and recyclable making flax linen bedding the earth-friendly choice.

Discover our range of luxurious and accessible 100% French flax linen bedding here

Rosewater 100% Flax Linen Fitted Sheet

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