Why You Need Linen Sheets This Summer

Words by Jen Nurick

Haven’t taken the plunge yet and purchased a set of our Bed Threads? Consider the start of summer the proverbial push you need.

Facts: sleeping in the nude or blasting one’s AC can only go so far to alleviate summer sweats—true relief from the heat lies in your choice of bed linen. Read on as we unpack the fine print behind the benefits of linen sheets and why you should run, not walk, to strip the bed and style it anew in any of our summer-friendly colourways.

Linen sheets are breathable and lightweight

Legend will have you believe that the higher the thread count of your bed sheets, the better the quality of your sleep—but this isn’t necessarily true. In fact, sheets that boast astronomical thread counts in the 800 to 1200 range cannot be produced organically, with threads artificially woven into fabrics by machine in order to up the numbers.

In reality, unlike cottons or silks, linen doesn’t have a thread count. It is determined by another metric—GSM or grams per square metre—that is used to measure its weight. Our Bed Threads sheets weigh in at an optimal GSM of 170—meaning they are incredibly breathable and lightweight, making for breezy, sweat-free sleeping all year round.

Linen sheets are kinder to the environment

Unlike its competitors, flax linen is a plant derived, environmentally friendly and ethically conscious material, making it an obvious choice for the new year ahead. Whereas silk harvesting endangers millions of rare silk worms, and cotton production demands excessive amounts of water—over 20,000 litres are used to produce a single kilogram of cotton, enough to make a single t-shirt and a pair of jeans—flax plants do not compound our pollutive footprint in the same way.

Linen sheets are easy to wash

In the same breath, linen sheets are more durable, hardwearing and cheaper and easier to care for than their rival bed sheets. Our Bed Threads come pre-washed with no nonsense, no dry clean necessary care instructions—which saves us more money and more time to lay out on the beach.

Linen sheets become softer overtime

That’s right—that buttery feeling oozing from your Bed Threads will only improve with wash and wear. Each time your linen is washed, its absorption increases—no softener necessary. Unlike silks that are expensive to maintain and snag easily, you can rest assured your sleep quality will only improve with each passing month of the summer.

Linen sheets cool and regulate temperature

Thanks to the low GSM count and weave of the particular fibre used in our 100% French flax linen, air passes swiftly and seamlessly through your Bed Threads sheets to keep the body cool. In fact, should you ever sweat through the night—and we’re all guilty, especially during summer—linen can actually absorb 20% of its body weight before it begins to feel wet, so you’ll never wake up with damp sheets.

… But they also insulate—meaning your linen sheets can be used year round

Linen sheets are unfazed by a change in the weather, so there’s no need to ruminate about making the switch this summer and freezing come winter time. Our Bed Threads are temperature regulating meaning that come rain, hail or humidity, your linen will adapt with your body.

Our linen colourways practically scream summer

Fine print aside, your Bed Threads will brighten any bedroom and signal the start of the season before you’ve even stepped out in the sun. We’ve designed each set carefully with the changing climate in mind—that’s why you can now customise your own bedding set with our new build your own bundle option. The colours we’re salivating most over for summer? White, Rosewater and Drift—like sleeping in a sorbet-coloured dream…

For more from Jen Nurick, follow her on Instagram @jennurick and read her work at JENNURICK.com.

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