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Literally All Your Questions About Our 100% Flax Linen Bedding Answered

Whether you've been recently toying with the idea of investing in some new threads for your bed, or you've already experienced the benefits of sleeping in our 100% French flax linen sheets, we're here to ease your mind by answering all of your linen-related queries.

Read on as we shed some light on the wonderful natural material that will make bedtime for your favourite part of the day, every day.

Most popular questions about linen answered

Is linen sustainable?

Every part of the flax plant is utilised in the making of our bed linens, and less water and pesticides used in production make it a much more sustainable option than other manchester materials such as cotton.

Linen is the ideal, earth-friendly option for your bed because it is both recyclable and biodegradable, so you can sleep easy.

Will I get cold during winter sleeping in linen?

Absolutely not! Let us explain. The flax linen fibres have a hollow core which means that they have a looser weave than other bedding materials. This is beneficial because it means that your bed linen will naturally insulate in the winter and cool in the summer—no need to rummage through the linen cupboard at the first sign of a new season.

How do I wash linen?

To make sure you're protecting the fibres in the linen, only wash your bedding in cold or lukewarm water. You can do so by hand or by using a washing machine (on a gentle cycle) with a mild liquid detergent. If you're unsure as to whether your current detergent is appropriate, test on a small area of the linen first.

A good tip is to avoid overloading the machine because linen is highly absorbent and the more water used the better.

Do I need to iron linen?

We absolutely love the natural creases that form in our linen and the casual and comfortable look it provides.

That being said, you can definitely iron your threads if you're finding them a bit too crumpled for your liking. Try a steam iron on a moderate setting to smooth things out nicely.

Is linen soft to sleep in?

Not only does our 100% French flax linen provide a buttery-soft place to rest your weary head a night, but it also gets even softer over time.

Even a shiny new car depreciates as soon as it hits the road, so investing in beautiful linen bedding is truly one of the best decisions you can make for yourself (and your sleep).

After every wash, you'll find that your linen becomes softer and more absorbent without the need to use any traditional fabric softeners.

Will linen lose its shape?

If you're finding yourself stuck in a cycle of replacing your bed linen every few months because it loses its shape, colour and softness, it's time to make the switch to linen. The flax bedding you purchase from us boasts a natural elasticity which means it will keep its shape and style for years to come.

Another fun fact is that flax linen is known for its incredible tensile strength that makes it 20% stronger than cotton when wet. 

Why is Bed Threads more affordable?

We understand that linen bedding can be more expensive than other options out there, and that comes down to the amount of time and care it takes to produce the final product. We think it's totally worth it though, for all of the reasons listed above and for the fact that we are advocates for buying quality pieces that last years and will eventually become heirlooms.

Having said that, the reason we can offer our 100% French flax linens at such an accessible price is that we have cut out the middle man—we sell directly to you as our customer which keeps costs down. We want everyone to experience the amazing properties of linen that can have a profound effect on your sleep and wellbeing (two things we're very passionate about).

We hope that all of the information above has debunked some linen myths and given you a better idea of the benefits of sleeping in flax linen bedding. Ready to elevate your bed but unsure where to start? Our Build Your Own Bundle feature is perfect for mixing and matching colours and products to suit the way you like to sleep because we understand some people are anti-flat sheet sleepers!

Now let's keep it all tidy. Read our 5 steps to a perfectly organised linen cupboard.

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