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This Is How Pantone Thinks You'll Be Decorating Your Bedroom in 2019

Words by Jen Nurick.

To coincide with our launch of two brand new bedding sets just in time for summer—Rust and Terracotta—colour authority Pantone announced last week that 2019’s Colour of the Year is Living Coral or Pantone 16-1546.

Hot on the heels of 2018’s ultraviolet, Pantone announced that the warm, natural tone reflects “colour that is animating and life-affirming”, set to go viral over the next twelve months. An unironic nod to the depletion of our beautiful coral reefs, consider the orange hue with gold inflection the subterranean cousin of its aboveground Rust and Terracotta family. Fleshy and energetic, colourful yet calm, Pantone 16-1546 is a call to outfit bedrooms everywhere stylishly and consciously—without losing sight of our planet for our home decor. Enter Rust and Terracotta—read the below 5 reasons you need these colourways and Add to Cart.

Our linen is environment-minded

The process of selection for Pantone’s Colour of the Year is multi-layered—high stakes like ethics and the environment are worked through in tandem with an aptitude for style. The same approach is applied at Bed Threads—where our priorities of sustainability and stylishness rank in equal first. Our linen is plant-derived from 100% pure flax, meaning that it is kinder to the environment than most competitors and demands less resources than silk or cotton production.

Our colourways are trending yet transeasonal

Don’t believe us? The proof is in Pantone’s announcement. Living Coral belongs to the same family of shades as Rust and Terracotta—making these the ideal bedding sets to settle into for a stylish summer. In the heat, Rust evokes sunburnt plains and scorched earth and in the cold, the toasty warmth of wintry evenings spent by the fireplace. Terracotta—its muted, pastel sibling—sings of clay ceramics collected off the coast of yesteryear’s holiday or hot tea in the wintertime. Used alone or paired together, both shades are in vogue now and will be all year around.

Our linen is long-lasting

Thanks to its durable and hardwearing fibres, genuine flax linen will outlast the average lifetime of its cotton or silk bedding competitors, which are prone to wear and tear and regular substitution. Linen, on the other hand, actually improves overtime—softening with each wash, it is the no-frills family heirloom perfect for passing down across generations, especially in these shades that will stand the test of time.

Our linen is easy to wash

Fact: washing your linen should be a no-nonsense, no dry-clean process—which is exactly our approach at Bed Threads. All of our bedding sets come prewashed—on a gentle cycle using only liquid detergent—and we recommend that you air dry your set after cleaning, allowing the linen to breath better, keep its beautiful hue and crease naturally as it should, while incentivising you to be gentler on the environment simultaneously. 

Our linen is the perfect Christmas gift

With twelve colourways to choose from and our new customisable build your own bundle option, a set of Bed Threads is the affordable and enviable Christmas present that will keep on giving long after your special someone has unwrapped it. If you don’t want to take our word for it, Pantone promises that Living Coral—and its cousins by association Terracotta and Rust—promote an “innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits”, so you can reinvigorate your holiday spirit with every snooze. Shop our range here for delivery before Christmas.

For more from Jen Nurick, follow her on Instagram @jennurick and read her work at

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