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This is What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Personality

It's no secret that a disrupted night of sleep (yes, it only takes one) can wreak havoc on your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing the next day. From distractions from your phone screen to using the wrong pillow, getting the perfect amount of blissful sleep can be tricky sometimes. Previously, we looked into the best and worst sleeping positions and ranked them accordingly (stomach sleepers might want to take a look), and now we're looking a little bit deeper into exactly what your sleeping position says about you. Just like star signs have typical personality tributes, your body language in bed can reveal a whole lot about you as well.

Side sleepers

Do you tend to lay in bed at night with your arms by your side? Good news: you're probably easy-going and down to earth most of the time. Named 'the log' by some, this straight position could indicate that you literally just roll with whatever life throws at you. Plus, according to this Better Sleep Council survey, those who regularly sleep on their side consider themselves to be healthy and sociable. 

Stomach sleepers

While it might not be the best position for your back or for optimal breathing, stomach sleepers are thought to be closing themselves off and protecting something by nestling into their pillow with their face hidden. You could be subconsciously hiding yourself from harsh criticism or awkward situations that you don't want to deal with. According to mattress manufacturer, Sealy the average age of stomach sleepers is around forty and they tend to enjoy a couple of drinks before bed each night.

Back sleepers

Unlike those who spend the night resting face down, back sleepers tend to lean towards a younger age bracket of around twenty-five to early thirties. That also just happens to be the best age for sleeping throughout the night unbothered. Back sleepers should wake up feeling energised and ready to tackle the day, but your partner might not because snoring is a common side effect of this position. Other than that, back sleeping is said to be a sign of confidence and a carefree attitude. 

Fetal sleepers

The personality of a fetal sleeper might be the easiest of all to pick out of the bunch. Curling up like a baby is comfortable for a reason; it offers a soothing way to protect yourself from the outside world. You might find yourself drawn to sleeping this way when you're feeling particularly vulnerable as a way to find self-comfort during tough times. Regulars of this position are sensitive souls who project a tougher exterior than how they really feel inside.


Like to switch things up in bed? Or do you go to bed facing one way and wake up in a completely different direction? You're not alone. It could come down a few things including a particularly intense dream, different thoughts racing through your mind or even a cramp or restless legs. Like your freestyle sleeping moves, you're generally up for anything and are always exploring new business ideas in your mind. Whether you finish them is a different story.

So, does your favourite sleeping position match up with your own personality? No matter what position you find yourself in of a night, the best way to ensure a healthy six to eight is by establish great habits prior to bedtime, like reading a few pages of a book (start here) or inhaling the soothing scents of an essential oil as you drift off.

If you've never heard of a sleep divorce, you might want to show this to your partner.

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