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Everything You Need To Know About Tongue Cleaners

Once you start using a tongue cleaner every day, you'll find it absurd that you went so long without one. Tongue cleaning is a detox ritual with origins in Ayurvedic medicine, and it's a simple way to improve your health and wellness in a number of ways.

Never tried it before? There are a few products available, but metal versions are more effective and more durable than plastic, which is why our new Bathe. by Bed Threads. range of bathroom essentials includes a copper tongue cleaner from aptly named French wellness brand A Tongue Cleaner Changed My Life. Add to cart, and read on to learn about the benefits of tongue cleaning.

What are the benefits of tongue cleaning?

Did you know that there are tiny crevices and cracks between the taste buds on the surface of the tongue? It is in these crevices and cracks that tiny particles of food and bacteria can gather and decompose, which can cause halitosis (aka bad breath) and lead to other health concerns.

Sounds great, but why not just use a toothbrush? Well, the size and shape of the average toothbrush pales in comparison to a purpose-designed tongue cleaner. One 2004 study showed that tongue scraping removed 75% of odour-causing debris, while a toothbrush only removed 45%. 

Instead, a tool designed specifically for the purposes of tongue cleaning can have benefits for our digestion, immunity and confidence. Tongue cleaning can:

  • Remove bacteria: Using a tongue scraper has been shown to reduce bacteria such as Mutans streptococci and Lactobacilli and prevent toxins from being reabsorbed into your body 
  • Reduce bad breath: Bacteria is the main cause of bad breath, so with regular tongue cleaning you'll be able to get up close and personal with whomever you like.
  • Improve digestion: In Ayurvedic medicine, proper digestion is the foundation of health and saliva is a vital component in good digestion—this is one of the reasons the practice of tongue cleaning has roots in Ayurveda, since it activates saliva. 
  • Kickstart tastebuds: By removing debris from the surface of the tongue, your tastebuds are able to more fully experience the full range of flavours on offer.

How to use a tongue cleaner

By now, you're on board with the benefits of tongue cleaning. To get started, here are the basics:

  • Use your tongue cleaner twice a day: first thing in the morning to clean out any bacteria that has formed overnight, and again before bed. There's no consensus on whether to use your tongue cleaner before or after brushing your teeth, so do whatever feels right.
  • To use your tongue cleaner, place it on the back of your tongue and pull forward firmly but gently. The tongue is delicate, so don't be too heavy-handed. If you find yourself gagging, you might be placing your tongue cleaner too far back, so just bring it forward a touch.
  • When you're finished using your tongue cleaner, rinse your mouth out and rinse the tongue cleaner under running water, then let air dry.
While you're in detox mode—this is exactly how often you should replace everything in your bathroom.

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