The 11 Essential Decorating Hacks We've Learnt From Touring 50+ Creative Homes

We're pretty lucky to be able to get an inside look at some of the country's most talented (and stylish) artists, entrepreneurs and creatives. Our weekly series The Makers has become one of our favourite parts of the week, and we love sharing all of the stunning interior inspiration we come across with you. After touring over fifty incredible homes during the past year, we decided to take a look back at all the decorating hacks we've learnt along the way. 

1. Asymmetry

If you wanted to know what was possible when decorating a Sydney apartment, you should take another look at our home tour with Yvonne (@ukitu___). She's been able to turn a blank canvas into a textural wonderland filled with dried flower arrangements and ochre-toned artwork and rugs at every turn. What we learnt most from Yvonne is that placing furniture, lighting and wall decor off centre adds a curated touch and sets the room apart in an individual way.

2. Statement art

We already knew that art was a pivotal part of any room's decorating scheme, but when we stepped inside Carmen Hamilton's swoon-worthy terrace home we realised that bigger is most definitely better. Even rooms and homes on the smaller scale should consider larger statement pieces to draw the eye to the walls instead of focusing on any lack of floor space. Who doesn't want to live in an art gallery anyway?

3. Tonal

You're probably following Jasmine Dowling already, so it won't come as a surprise that we were taken aback by her pastel paradise she calls home. By keeping things light, in varying tones of beige, white, and blush, Jasmine is able to keep her abode feeling soft and comfy—the perfect place to focus on rest and relaxation right now.

4. Plants 

The power of indoor plants when it comes to decorating is limitless. Got a power power point to cover? up Add a plant. Want to detract attention away from a dated kitchen? A plant will help! Your green friends are able to create a connection to the outdoors, purify the air and simply add to the aesthetic of a room. A recent feature on The Makers, plant expert and florist Sophia Kaplan also gave us a guide to caring for your plants for any black thumbs out there.

5. Neutrals 

Ash Holmes is the queen of neutral tones, with a growing collection of beautifully-layered paintings and mixed media works that you could stare at for days to uncover new details and meaning. It's no surprise then that her own home follows the theme. Warm neutrals combined with woven baskets and timber furniture punctuate her home and prove that neutrals can be dynamic when texture and pattern is incorporated.

6. Curves

Curves are in. From rotund lamp bases to arched mirrors and oval dining tables, soft corners are having a moment in the interior design world. Ilana Moses' Melbourne home takes it to another level, though. Her custom kitchen counter and banquet seating is straight out of a vintage diner, with purple leather upholstery and brass detailing for a completely custom look. She proves that curves can be incorporated literally anywhere in the home and they always look chic.

7. Graphic

LRNCE is a brand that should be on your radar. Their Mediterranean creations come straight from the shores of Marrakech where founder Laurence Leenaert calls home, and include vases, lamps and more that have quickly become highly-sought after heirlooms. What we learnt from touring Laurence's home is that graphic statements work well to express personality and add character to any space. Whether it's an abstract face or a piece of DIY art, show off your true colours by being bold.

8. Black and white

Sometimes the most powerful decorating tool is restraint. When your palette is kept to classic black and white, you're instantly reminded to pay attention to each piece individually and notice the variations of light and shade as you go. Artist Caroline Walls did it best in her impeccably-styled Victorian cottage.

9. Custom 

If you're after a result that's brand new and completely personalised, it's best to go custom, if you can. Whether it's a luxurious peach headboard like the one in Ella Edwards' master suite or a personalised storage solution, it's worth connecting with local craftsmen to design and execute something that no one else will have.

10. Rugs

We're in favour of rugs here at Bed Threads, from a soft place to land your feet in the morning to a comfy spot to read a book in the living room, rugs can effectively zone areas of the room and up the warm vibes effortlessly. We're taking inspiration from Lynda Gardener on all future rug decisions.

11. Vintage

Last but definitely not least, we've learnt from our year of peeking inside the country's most stylish creatives that new isn't always better. In fact, pre-loved pieces give a lived-in look that's timeless and cosy at the same time. For inspiration, we're constantly referring to illustrator Kelly Thompson's mid-century inspired home that's brimming with vintage treasures.

For more decorating advice, read about the interior ideas we're stealing from French it-girls on Instagram.

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