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These Are the Signs You and Your Partner Need a Sleep Divorce

The term 'sleep divorce' may sound harsh, but it doesn't require legal representation and won't result in a complicated stack of paperwork. In fact, whereas a regular divorce signals the end of a relationship, a sleep divorce is a way of actively preserving the one you have and ensuring that both parties are happy going forward. Sleep is extremely vital to a person's wellbeing, we're well aware of this. Even one night of interrupted sleep is enough to throw you off track and make it difficult to operate the next day. But when it's night after night, your relationship is no doubt going to suffer as a consequence. It's not about blaming the other person, though, because everyone sleeps differently and most of what we do when we sleep (snoring, tossing, sleep talking) is out of our control. It's about recognising if your quality of sleep is suffering from having another person in the bed with you and doing something about it. Introducing...the sleep divorce. It's the concept of having two beds (or bedrooms) to retreat to solo each night so that you can rest easy between the sheets and claim 100% of that doona back. Here are the signs you might need one. 

It's affecting your health

As we already mentioned, sleep is no joke. It has the power to refresh and rejuvenate but it also has the power to leave you feeling fatigued and downright grumpy if you don't get enough hours. The long term effects of interrupted sleep can have a huge impact on both your mental and physical wellbeing, with increased blood pressure and depression some of the symptoms that have been linked to poor sleep. You and your partner's health should be your highest priority, so it might be time to have a chat about a sleep solution. 

Your sleep habits don't align

I don't know about you, but I can't fall asleep without the faint sound of a podcast. It's quickly become a habit that forms part of my sleep routine, whereas others would prefer the dead silence of night. Other things like reading a book before bed with the lamp on or using an oil diffuser to calm your mind are all personal habits that could potentially interrupt your partner's rest. If you can't come to a compromise that results in both partners falling (and staying) asleep then a sleep divorce could be on the cards.

You have different schedules

This one is a huge factor for partners who sleep in the same bed at night. Maybe you work nights and they work mornings and you both need to sleep at completely different times of the day. It's inevitable that this difference in schedule could lead to sleep issues for both people. Just the sound of someone waking up is enough to keep you awake for hours and is less than ideal when you're only halfway through your eight hours of shut-eye. Separate bedrooms might be the answer to sneaking around like a sleuth to avoid interrupting your partner. 

It's affecting your relationship

Just like a disturbed sleeping pattern can affect you and your partner's health and wellbeing, it can sadly also result in conflict in your relationship and lead to blaming each other. It's important to have a chat about your needs and the way you're being affected by the current sleeping arrangement but not to point fingers. There's always a solution to improving your quality of sleep and the sooner you recognise it the sooner you can get back to nights of blissful rest.

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