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Prepare to Screenshot: 16 Decorating Hacks We Learnt From Instagram

Instagram is a haven for anyone who's a bit decor obsessed. You could (and we often do) spend countless hours liking and saving images of the most beautifully styled homes across the globe. We've done the hard work for you, though, with our sixteen decorating hacks that we learnt from the gram. You'll want to get started on these this weekend.

Pattern on Pattern
Lately, there's been a push towards pared-back interiors with almost no sign of decoration to be found. While we're also fans of a neutral palette, introducing patterns into a scheme is a genius way to lighten things up a bit at home because decorating doesn't need to be so serious. The result? A joyful space that's both playful and sophisticated.

Playing with a variety of tones in the same colour is a great hack to avoid a room feeling too structured. Start by selecting your two to three foundation colours, for example, blue and green. Then pair together furniture, art and cushions that feature varying shades of those colours for a modern twist on ombré.

Floral Pop
Maybe you're more of a monochrome person? A stunning way to accentuate crisp white and grey tones is to incorporate just one bright pop of colour in the way of a floral arrangement. Yes, it's that simple, as evidenced below.

Embrace Curves
The majority of homes out there are essentially made up of a series of straight lines to create floors, walls and doors. To avoid feeling boxed in, introduce unstructured, organic shapes for a much more balanced vibe. It can be as easy as an arched mirror or round area rug.

Personal Gallery
Instagram is our go-to for gallery wall guidance. There are so many different ways to create one, and the best thing is that you can't get it wrong. Start by rounding up your favourite paintings, photographs and prints. Lay them on the floor to map out their placement then hang. Simple.

Texture Play
Creating visual interest in a room is important so the eyes have multiple focal points to land on. Textural combinations are the answer—rattan, linen, velvet are just a few of our favourites. By bringing pieces with different textures, you get an eclectic, lived-in space that looks personally curated.

The Perfect Armchair
How could one piece of furniture hold so much power? Armchairs are more versatile than sofas and can be easily arranged to suit the space and its guests. Plus, they're just so damn gorgeous. Choosing a statement armchair instantly elevates any room.

Fixtures and Fittings
If you're preparing for a renovation or home update in the near future, here's a hack to enhance your aesthetic for less. Forget boring taps and handles and spend a bit of time sourcing unique fittings for your bathroom or kitchen. Pairing sleek cabinetry with vintage handle pulls is a match made in heaven.

Paint Shapes
Paint is hardly a revolutionary idea when it comes to decorating, but this modern interpretation will turn a blank wall into a custom mural to be admired. All you need to get the creative juices going is a paintbrush and stencil. Tip: large, geometric shapes work best.

Leaner Mirror
Ah, the leaner mirror—an interior designer's secret weapon for a sprucing up a blank wall. Part utility, part decoration, a leaning mirror draws in light, keeping things airy while serving as a casual piece of furniture.

Rare Plants
Move over, monstera—it's time to let the rare beauties of the plant world shine. Did you know there are online bidding wars taking place right now for all types of exotic species? Plants with weird and wonderful colours and foliage are in hot demand right now. Just remember, this type of decoration requires a bit more attention than a cushion.

Show Off
Why hide your most prized possessions behind closed doors? Your carefully curated collections deserve to take pride of place in your home. Opt for open shelving to create vignettes that are worthy of an Instagram "shelfie".

Brown Tones
Beige and grey interiors are old news, even predictable at this stage. Introducing brown, your friendly warm-toned companion. Many people instinctively paint over brown trims and brickwork in search of a 'modern' palette. The key to a contemporary finish is to introduce sleek shapes and textures to keep things fresh.

Eyes Up
We tend to put a lot of effort into decisions around flooring when designing homes, but what about what's above our heads? A really unique way to set your home apart is by turning things upside down (literally). By putting the focus on the ceiling with a colour or texture, your eye travels through the entire room, not just on what's at eye level.

A Bold Touch
Going bold when it comes to interior decorating is something we will always advocate for. Taking big chances at home can result in huge rewards and a space that is uniquely you. Sometimes, though, celebrating small details is a nice way to be bold without appearing over the top. Decorative vases, bowls and flowers can be just enough to do the trick.

Vacation Mode
After a long day a work, you deserve to feel like you're on a Mediterranean holiday by the sea with a cocktail in hand, right? Bring the Amalfi Coast to your place with handpainted ceramics, coloured glassware and sumptuous linen.

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