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The Secret to Waking Up Energised Every Day, According to Nadia Fairfax

Leaping out of bed and greeting the day with energy is easier said than done. While some of us are blessed with being eternal morning people who actually enjoy 6 am rises, others (like myself!) are left wondering how they do it. Between hectic work schedules, exercise, family commitments, and all the other fun that life throws at us, feeling tired and lethargic in the morning can become routine—but there are a few tips and tricks to change that narrative.

With this week being Sleep Awareness Week, we at Bed Threads are committed to prioritising sleep as a form of self-care and are turning to some of our favourite Estee Lauder Ambassadors and women in business to share what helps them on their way. 

For this instalment, we turned to Estee Lauder Ambassador and Sydney-based It girl Nadia Fairfax to share her secret to feeling energised every day. She's constantly travelling and working, yet always seems to be full of enthusiasm and ready to party. While Nadia admits she's "not a great sleeper", we got plenty of inspiration from our chat about how to own the morning—and it all starts with a perfectly curated playlist. 

What does your morning routine look like?

I don't really have a routine. It changes every day, but one thing I do that I know you're not supposed to is emails in bed! If I lay there and bang a few out on my phone before I even jump up I feel like I'm already on top of things. I usually allow around 30 minutes for this. I think life is about finding your own groove, so if you find something that works for you do it, no matter what you're told. 

What is the one thing you do every morning that helps you feel ready for the day?

I grab a coffee and do about a half an hour walk. Nothing too strenuous... I can still casually sip my coffee without a spill, and I don't break a sweat. So it's definitely not about "exercise", it's more about getting focused and having a moment with myself. It's about charging those social batteries before I start giving all my energy out to other people. 

If you have a bad night's sleep, how do you recover from it and ensure you can still face the day ahead?

I'm not a great sleeper, my mind runs wild at night—it has been this way since I was a little girl. I love imagining my future! I often think about creative for jobs I'm working on or parties I can throw. Not even a joke!

Once I'm asleep it's all okay, but falling asleep can be a real issue so it's a pretty common occurrence that I need to "take back the day"... This is where music comes in. I find music can get me really excited, it's so powerful! I sort of dance my way around the house while getting ready and my adrenaline kicks in. BOOM! Time to tackle the day! Currently, I am obsessed with Spotify playlists by Harrison Kennedy. This Latin Fiesta one has been pumping me up for the last week! 

Lead image via @nadiafairfax

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