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Looking for Your Crime/Mystery Fix? These Are the 22 Podcasts You Should Queue

Luckily for all of us who love to solve a mystery, there are countless hours of engrossing podcast episodes to listen to these days. A quick look at the list of episodes with the most streams of the week reveals that there's a whole lot of people out there who are tuning in to hear the juicy details of these compelling and sometimes shocking cases. There's no need to feel overwhelmed though, because we've done the hard work for you, rounding up the twenty-three best stories of mystery and true crime to delve into.

1. Crime Junkie
As the title suggests, this true crime podcast is the one for anyone out there who loves to follow the twists and turns in order to crack a case. Host Ashley Flowers presents a brand new tale each week in a conversational way that feels like you're solving the mystery with your best friend. 

2. All Aussie Mystery Hour
Each week, the hosts of this pod bring an unsolved Australian mystery to the forefront and come up with their own (sometimes weird and wonderful) theories as to what happened. You'll hear about infamous cases like the missing Beaumont children from the 1960s mixed in with conspiracies about the extinction of the Tasmanian tiger. For anyone who loves their crime with a side of gossip, give this one a listen.

3. The Thing About Pam
Eight years ago, two days after Christmas, a man was charged with the murder of his wife. What ensued is a chain of events that resulted in another murder and the uncovering of a diabolical plan. As new evidence comes to light in this narration-style podcast, who is really responsible for these murders? The husband, or the best friend who was set to inherit the insurance benefit?

4. The Shrink Next Door
The Hamptons. Cocktail parties. Celebrities. Not all is what it seems in this gritty tale of lies, fraud and power, retold by journalist Joe Nocera. The podcast begs the question—how did a psychologist completely take over one of his client's home, business and life right from under him? If there was ever a case for getting to know your neighbours, this is it.

5. Casefile
Popular since its inception in 2016, Casefile examines some of Australia, the UK and USA's most prolific cold cases. Narrated by an anonymous voice, the episodes rely on police documents, interview recordings and eyewitness accounts to guide you through the gritty details. Notable episodes include Snowtown and Daniel Morcombe. 

6. The Clearing
It's not often that a podcast is narrated by the daughter of the very serial killer the show centres around. In The Clearing, April Balascio and host Josh Dean aim to unravel the truth about Balascio's father, a convicted serial murder. The twist? She was the one who alerted authorities to her father after her own suspicions grew stronger over the years. Together, these two navigate the mass of crimes Edward Wayne Edwards has been linked to and try to distinguish what he did (and didn't) do.

7. Beenham Valley Road
The gruesome murder of Kirra McLoughlin in a rural town in Queensland has never been solved. You'll feel like you're finding out details from the case at the same time the two hosts (ex-cops who actually met Kirra) are. If you're up for an investigation, take a listen to interviews with Kirra's family and friends to see if you can piece this mystery together.

8. Nowhere Child
Where is William Tyrrell? This is the question on all of our lips as we enter the fifth year since the three-year-old boy vanished from a backyard in a small country town. Much of what was initially reported was false, with valuable information about the case kept quiet by investigators. This podcast aims to delve deeper into the case, considering the juxtaposition of William's impoverished background and his wealthy foster care family from whom he disappeared. 

9. Dr. Death
With just ten episodes, this terrifying podcast is completely bingeable. The story of Texas neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. After claiming to cure the incurable with his surgical procedures, he wound up with two dead patients and thirty-one with serious injuries. You'll have to decide for yourself—was Duntsch just unskilled or was he a cold-blooded killer?

10. My Favorite Murder
Each episode of this comedy-meets-crime podcast revolves around a murder, true crime story or survivor story that the hosts discuss in an easy to digest, conversational style that aims to bring crime and mystery lovers together. Amongst documented cases, their 'Minisodes' tell stories of kidnapping and ghost stories from friends and fans of the pod.

11. Criminal
Criminal invites a wide range of guests on the show, from criminals to victims and everyone in between. Plug in to hear the most mind-blogging stories of everyday people that just so happen to find themselves in dangerous and downright scary situations that could happen to anyone.

12. To Live and Die in LA
An aspiring actress goes missing from her Hollywood apartment. Sounds like the plot to a major motion picture, right? In fact, it's a real-life case that Rolling Stone journalist Neil Strauss finds himself right in the middle of. Uncover facts and new information in real-time as they come to light in this podcast that'll have you hooked from the very start.

13. Cults
Truly spooky, Cults gets inside the minds of those who start cults and those who choose to join them. These groups have been notoriously mysterious, even linked so some of the eeriest crimes in history. Learn about the history and psychology behind some of the world's most famous cults, their members and their leaders.

14. Cold Case Files
Shockingly, one-third of all American murders remain unsolved—a chilling thought that's enough to keep anyone awake at night. Based on an Emmy-nominated series, Cold Case Files showcases the rare 1% of cold cases that find closure, thanks to updates in technology and highly-committed investigators.

15. Limetown
Over three-hundred people vanished from a small Tennessee town ten years ago without a trace. Luckily, this tale is pure fiction so you don't have to sleep with one eye open tonight. A podcast that has been compared to the OG mystery series Serial as well as cult franchise The X-Files, follow along for clues to see if you can blow the case wide open before the series finale.

16. Bear Brook
In 1985, a hunter in Bear Brook State Park, New Hampshire discovered two skeletons in an abandoned drum. Hooked yet? After little movement in this case for years, a second drum and further remains were found in 2000. What follows is a series of twisted links across state borders and families to discover the gruesome truth behind the heinous crimes. This seven-part story is uncovered by reporter Jason Moon as he finds himself deeply involved in the case.

17. Female Criminals
Well-deserving of its own crime category, Female Criminals is a fascinating source for lovers of a scandal. Weekly, the podcast chronicles the motivations and psychology behind some of history's most outrageous atrocities committed by women. Notable entries include the women of the Manson family and "America's first female serial killer" Aileen Wuornos. 

18. Small Town Murder
If you like your true crime with a side of comic relief, then Small Town Murder is the perfect podcast for you. Hosted by two comedians who offer an amusing spin on some pretty dark topics, the weekly show has a large backlog of episodes for you to catch up on if you feel like a deep dive into small towns and the tragedies that occur within them.

19. Debi Marshall Investigates Frozen Lies
In an attempt to lift the veil on  Australia's most terrifying network of paedophiles, investigative journalist Debi Marshall travels from outback Australia to the Adriatic Coast in search of answers. What begins as a look into just one 1979 murder quickly becomes a web of darkness and criminal activity that Marshall is determined to find the answers to.

20. White Lies
A four-year investigation by two journalists into the 1965 murder of Rev. James Reeb is what White Lies centres around. Through stellar storytelling and a passion to discover the real truth, the hosts go further than any investigation has previously to analyse every aspect of this famous case. You'll definitely learn a whole lot about our biased culture and the cracks in the justice system in this informative podcast.

21. Con Artists
True to its name, Con Artists centres around those who intentionally deceive in order to gain money, power and respect from others. The weekly tales are an eerie reminder that anyone can fall victim to a con, even from those you consider to be your best friend or family. Go inside the minds of notorious con artists to see just how easy they pulled it off.

22. Mob Queens
Get a glimpse into the world of Italian-American mob wife Anna Genovese and her role in the rise of the Mafia and organised crime in America in the 1950s. Self-styled and always glamorous, this mysterious woman is the subject of this campy podcast hosted by two writers of movies and shows such as Bring It On and RuPaul's Drag Race.

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