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Fall Into a Deep Sleep With This 5-Minute Facial Massage

Struggling to drop off to sleep? This quick and easy at-home facial massage works to release muscle tension and relax the mind for a faster descent into sleep. And, what’s more, you don’t need expensive tools or top-shelf skincare to achieve the desired result.

By combining a few minutes of mindful me-time with actions to ease the stress held below the skin’s surface as well as naturally calming rhythmic touch, you can encourage your mind to switch off and ready itself for sleep.

As well as instilling calm at the end of the day, facial massage boosts circulation, bringing fresh nutrients through blood flow to the skin to support healthy cell production, in short, you will wake up glowing. Bonus!

For best results, begin this routine just before bed. After cleansing your skin, apply your usual skincare finishing with your night cream or moisturiser. Next, warm a few drops of a facial oil of your choice between clean hands (rosehip oil is a budget-friendly option and safe to use on all skin types, even sensitive). Taking your palms to your face, press the oil into your skin. Your complexion is now primed to begin the massage.

Step 1

Hold your hands in front of your face and place the three fingers on both of your hands along your brow line where it meets the bridge of your nose. Applying gentle pressure slowly slide your fingers upward to your hairline. Return your hands to the starting point, but this time inch them a little further apart and repeat. Continue until your fingers reach the hairline at the side of your face. As you smooth your fingers over your forehead, you should start to feel your muscles ease and relax.  

Step 2

Using the same three fingers, hold your hands horizontal to your face and line your fingers up to with your nostrils. Applying light pressure, slowly draw your fingers outward over your cheeks then sweep them upward to finish at your temples. Repeat four times. Be careful not to drag your fingers too close to the delicate skin under your eyes. Adjust the placement of your fingers to avoid this area if you need to.

Step 3

Starting at the bridge of your nose, use your index finger and thumb to pinch along your brow line, inching outward to the tail of your brow. Hold each pinch for two seconds. Repeat along your brows four times. This action borrows from Ayurvedic massage principles and it’s thought to stimulate acupressure points resulting in the soothing of stress as well as reducing puffiness around the eyes.

Step 4

Using your index and middle fingers on both hands, start at the outer edge of your jaw, just under your each of your ears. Massage using a circular motion five times then inch along the jaw towards your chin, using circular motions as you go. Finish by using one hand to massage the point of your chin five times. A lot of stress and anxiety is held in the jaw, and many us clench our jaw without even noticing. This should help to release the tightness in this area. 

Step 5

With your eyes closed, create a soft pitter-patter motion using your fingertips. Start at your chin and work upward to your hairline. Repeat four times. 

Now you’re ready to slip into bed with a clear and calm mind and relaxed complexion. Your skin might appear a little flushed from the touch and boost of blood flow (this is a good thing!) but will dissipate well before it’s time to wake up.

Enjoyed this? Maybe it's time to try gua sha.


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