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Just Moved In? Here Are 6 Steps to Planning Your Dream Bedroom From Scratch

Moving into a new home is daunting. You've had to say goodbye to your much-loved cosy bedroom and settle into a cold, empty room with bare walls. The big question is: how are you going to transform this space into a space that will promote ultimate rest and relaxation - all without breaking the bank?

First things first - it's a lot easier (and cheaper) than you think. Before you start unpacking any boxes or going out to buy new furniture, there are a few logistical features you need to consider.

“What size bed can you fit, or want, in your room? Do you have enough storage for clothes? Do you need a dressing table to do your makeup? What sort of bedside tables do you need?,” Australian interior designer and owner of MARG. Studio Emily MacAlpine, tells Bed Threads Journal.

“Once you have a list of requirements, you can start to think about what the aesthetic will be. I would recommend making a mood or Pinterest Board to collect images of what you like, and take note of what you don’t like. That way, as you start choosing things you can always refer back to your board to see if your choices are matching the overall feel you’re after.”

After you’ve figured out the practical side of things, it’s time to start decorating with special items that’ll make your room feel like your very own relaxation oasis. Here are six things you should consider when styling your new sleep sanctuary to make it look and feel a thousand times better - on a budget.

6 Steps to Decorating Your New Bedroom

1. Colours

“Are you the kind of person who wants their bedroom as a cosy, sanctuary? If so, consider some dark or rich colours to give that moody feeling,” MacAlpine says. When choosing Bed Threads sheets, opt for Charcoal or Olive. 

“If you’re the kind of person who likes lots of natural light, select from your neutrals, whites and textures to make the space bright.” So think White, Oatmeal and Fog Threads.


2. Furniture

Ask yourself this: How many different options do you have for placing a bed in your room? 

It’s all about strategic placement, as MacAlpine explains. “Start with where the bed will go, and the rest of the products in your room will orient around this. Sometimes it may feel restrictive if there is really only one direction a bed can go, but on the plus side, it’s also the easiest bedroom to furnish. 

“Once you have your bed (or at the very least, the bed size) you can start planning around that and what else you can fit to match the requirements you’ve listed for yourself.”


3. Textures

“Throw rugs, cushions and rugs are probably your best bet for bringing in bulky textures like knits and sisal, but you can always bring in more subtle textures in your bed linen. Linen ages so beautifully and becomes buttery-soft overtime, so it makes your room look inviting even if you haven’t made your bed.”

You can add variety and interest to your space through the use of a variety of different textures, from more subtle ones like linen to heavier variations such as knits. Moreover, curtains are also a great way to add texture into your room.

“Depending on your window situation, a soft curtain will also give great texture to your bedroom while also dappling the natural light if there is any,” MacAlpine notes. “Just make sure your curtain rods are hung all the way up to the ceiling so you don’t cut off any space. Long drapery curtains can actually make your bedroom feel bigger.”


4. Lighting

Taking into account where your bed will be placed will help you determine what lights you need - and where they should be placed. “If you only have one location for the bed to be placed in a room, you might consider having fixed pendants or wall sconces next to your bed for mood lighting and easy reading. If there are multiple ways your bed can go, I would go for bedside lamps to complement the main lighting in the room.”

Regardless of what option you go with, “make sure your bed light is in a good position so that you can read your book at night.”


5. Artworks

A good artwork can really bring a bedroom to life, but the question is: where is the best place to hang it?

“I think having artworks adjacent to your bed, on the wall opposite, or even a very small artwork hanging above your bedside, is the best way to make the most of your art purchases.”

It’s also pivotal you spend quality time choosing the perfect piece of art. 

“A bedroom is such a personal space so I recommend choosing an artwork that reflects you. I also think the bedroom is the best spot for life sketches or personal photographs.”

Don’t know where to look? We stock a range of our own prints online, which are perfect additions for creating a peaceful bedroom.


6. Accessories

“Contemporary bedrooms are often quite tight in the space they have, and therefore most of the elements in the room need to be functional. I would bring in practical accessories into your space like books, candles, perfume bottles, artworks and possibly an indoor plant,” MacAlpine explains.

“I also like to have a dish or small plate next to my bed to put in jewellery when I take it off, which is also aesthetically pleasing as much as it is functional. Similar to your artworks, add items that are personal to you, hold some significance and are of a colour that brings you some sense of joy.”


Emily MacAlpine is an interior designer and Director of MARG. Studio. Follow her on Instagram @bemoremarg.

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