Hot Sleepers, Read On. Exactly How to Keep Cool—No Aircon Required

Warm nights are the perfect ingredient for long walks by the beach, alfresco dinners and watching the sunset fade with a glass of wine. What they're not ideal for is sleeping, especially for those who are naturally prone to high body temps. One of the most uncomfortable feelings is tossing and turning (making you even hotter) all night until you finally drift off only to be rudely awoken by your own sweat. The simple solution might be to invest in an air-con unit for your apartment, but that's not possible for everyone. Here are a few simple steps that everyone can use to keep cool at night and catch those all-important zzz's.

Act early

If you're not going to be using your bedroom throughout the day and know that the sun streams in and heats the room up of an afternoon, act early by closing your blinds or curtains before you leave. When you return at night to hop into bed, you'll have naturally stopped your room from warming up too much inside. 

Ice the area

If you're feeling really hot and can't seem to cool down at all, take drastic measures and place an ice pack briefly on any area that's causing you discomfort. This method can be particularly effective on areas such as your wrist, forehead and neck.

Linen pyjamas

We recently expanded our linen offering into sleepwear products for this very reason—to provide you with the lightweight pyjama offering to keep you asleep all night long. Wearing a lightweight, durable fabric like French flax linen to bed will help you to feel comfortable and free of restraint which can keep you feeling tight and hot.

A cool drink

Before you turn to any other measures like a fan or ice, consider whether you've been drinking enough water throughout the day. It sounds so simple that people often overlook it as a valid way to cool their body temperature down before bed. When you're well-hydrated, your body is able to naturally regulate your body temperature. Keep a nice, cool glass of water next to your bed so that you can take a sip when you need.

Relax before bed

AKA no rigorous exercises right before bed. If you generally sleep on the warm side, you'll want your body temperature to be nice and regulated, and exercise too soon to going to sleep can mean your body hasn't had a chance to properly cool down yet. To get yourself feeling cool and calm, try some breathing exercises or meditation. There's some great apps for that

A well-styled bed makes for a great rest. Learn how to style your linen sheets like a pro here.

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