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Forget What You’ve Heard. These Are The Only Wellness Products You Actually Need At Home

Wellness at home has never been more important now that we're spending more time in our abodes. From detoxing your laundry to transforming your bathroom into a wellness retreat, there's heaps of ways to promote good vibes and a healthy lifestyle at home. It's also a good time to do as Marie Kondo has taught us and assess any clutter that has accumulated over time to see whether we really need all those extra items in our cupboards. Simplifying things down can help to clear your mind and help you to focus on what's important, so we've rounded up our absolute favourite wellness products we can't live without right now.

A soothing candle

Any time is a good time to light a candle, in our opinion. We love candles so much we even decided to curate our very own range to fill your home with good vibes and fresh aromas that instantly put your mind at ease and that are perfect for an afternoon read, a restorative bath or while listening to music.

Hydrating face oil

To wake your face up each morning and de-puff, a nourishing face oil is an essential item to keep on your vanity. This earthy option from Votary was suggested by our very own Bed Threads team member Steph who uses it every day and swears by its preservative-free formula and natural fragrance.

A luxurious robe

Want to feel like you're at a day spa? Pop on a robe. Craving the luxe feeling of a hotel stay? A robe will help. Comfy, soft and ever so luxurious, our pure linen robes are the perfect way to unwind in style while you're binge-watching the latest release (or working from home).

Pillow spray

Whether you struggle to fall asleep or simply want to enhance your chances of a restful slumber, a pillow spray is a great product to add to your nightly routine. I've personally started spraying my linen sheets with a warm and woody blend of Myrh and Ambrette to calm my mind and promote a restful place to sleep.

Relaxing tea

A good book and a cup of hot tea sounds like the perfect night to us. Sipping a delicious night-time tea helps to warm you up and get you in a peaceful mood, and we usually opt for an organic green tea blend (with a dash of honey) to finish our day with.

Quality cooking utensils

We've really been enjoying cooking up healthy meals at home, and having great pots, pans and knives make the process a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. The best part is that if you invest in quality now, you'll have them for years to come and won't have to replace them anytime soon.

Comfortable activewear

If you're after a bit of inspo on where to start with exercising at home, see our favourite workout apps here. After that, you'll want to change into your most comfortable activewear so that you can focus 100% on your HIIT routine, yoga session or whatever helps you work up a sweat! 

The perfect sneakers

Versatile, stylish and a certified all-rounder, the perfect sneaker is an essential for everyone's wardrobe. When you find the right fit, shape and material, you won't want to take them off—and you'll find any excuse to wear them with every outfit.

Shower gel

To turn your nightly shower into a day spa experience, we suggest indulging in a nourishing and hydrating shower gel that your skin will thank you for. With a delicate fragrance and infused with Vitamin E and Olive Lead Extract, Le Labo's Bergamote 22 variation is our go-to.

Turn your bathroom into a wellness retreat with these free hacks.

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