It's Official: Your Laundry Needs a Detox

I'll admit it, my laundry is a tad neglected. I have been operating a closed-door policy for a while as I watch the baskets of laundry slowly rise each week. It's also somewhat of a dumping ground for any miscellaneous home improvement tool or battery that has no other place. My poor laundry is most definitely not receiving the attention it deserves, and I've had enough of the guilt. It's time to detox the laundry once and for all to reclaim itself as a spotless area of the home that excuses fresh vibes and an air of cleanliness. Be honest: does your laundry need some love as well? If so, read on as we run through the best ways to rid it of mess and bacteria and how to return it to its full potential.

1. The washing machine

How many times have you taken a close look inside your washing machine? Possibly never? On further inspection, you might find that the door seal has become mouldy over time as well as detergent build-up that accumulates over time. Take a clean cloth and wipe the inside of the door and any dirt you can find, then run your washing machine empty on a hot setting with a small amount of detergent to clear any extra residue that might be hanging around. Hint: don't forget to clean the detergent dispenser!

2. And the dryer

You may or may not have a dryer in your laundry, depending on how many sunny days you're blessed with in your area of the world. The first and most important step to cleaning your dryer is clearing the lint filter—the number one cause of dryer-related fires and an easy way to ensure the efficiency of your machine. Wipe off any persistent fuzz with a damp cloth or vacuum the inside of the filter for peace of mind. Just as you would with your washing machine, give the seals of the door a clean as well to remove any damp build up.

3. Clean the countertops

Like areas in your kitchen and bathroom, your laundry countertops need to be wiped down and cleaned thoroughly to remove dust, dirt and any other bacteria that your clothes, towels and shoes can track in. Wipe the surface first with a clean, damp cloth, then use a natural cleaner to spray the benches and backsplash to cut through any stubborn marks. Always try to remove detergent stains as they appear to avoid deterioration of your countertops over time.

4. Clear the cupboards

This one is a step that you've most likely been putting off (same). To truly detox your entire laundry and have peace of mind that your space is filled with essentials and clear of clutter, it's time to take a look at what's hiding under the sink and in any other cupboards in the laundry. Anything that you have no use for or hasn't come in handy recently can be removed and replaced with baskets filled with your cleaning products, towels, pegs and anything else you regularly use. Set aside an afternoon for this step.

5. Next, the floor

I don't know about you, but my laundry floor isn't looking its best. There's detergent marks, fluff balls and a selection of washing baskets crowding the doorway. The first step to a clean, fresh laundry transformation is to first remove the baskets and anything on the floor such as brooms and hangers. Then you can give the floor a good once over with a vacuum then the mop before storing things back in their proper place. If your laundry is piled high, it might be time to pop on a load while you're at it.

6. Don't forget the walls

With a washing machine and dryer running, humidity and moisture is high in the laundry. This can eventually lead to marks and even mould depending on how well ventilated your space at home is. Spend some time with a clean, damp cloth working your way across the room to remove any residue on the walls to make sure you don't end up with any damage with extended use. The good thing is that you can repeat this step less frequently than the others, with each season being a good time to refresh and detox. 

7. Switch to organic products

To properly detox your laundry and give the area new life, it's important that you're not spreading harmful chemicals around that undo your hard work. In detergents and other laundry products, try to choose options with organic and plant-based ingredients that will give you peace of mind that your clothes and home are chemical-free and free of toxins. 

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