This Is Why You Should Be Sleeping in Linen Pyjamas This Summer

It's safe to say that we're die-hard linen fans. We can't wait to get home every night and jump between our French flax sheets with a favourite read until it's time to catch some zzz's. But linen isn't a material that's only good for your bed threads, it's also a premium and summer-friendly option to consider for your nightly sleepwear. We are so thrilled that we're now able to offer our incredible, trans-seasonal flax in a wearable option with our brand new Threads. by Bed Threads. range. It basically means you can carry around your buttery-soft sheets all day and night if you want to (guilty!). While temps are still high and it can be tricky to achieve a restful night, we're advocating for linen pyjamas for summer for the following reasons...

They're stylish

Our newest loungewear collection took us over five months of testing to perfect. We wanted you to feel confident while wearing our threads, so we made sure that our Linen Slip and Linen Robe were chich enough to wear at any time, not just when you head to sleep. Available in six of our signature colours, they're an affordable yet luxe way to keep cool and look great this summer.

They keep you cool

Our French flax linen sleepwear is crafted from the same cloth as our bed linens you already know and love. Linen is a breathable fabric that is actually able to regulate your body temperature to a comfortable level when sleeping. So, clothe yourself in a material that makes sense this summer and you're sure to wake up fresh and rejuvenated each and every morning. 

They're ultra-comfortable

There's a reason we don't sleep in jeans. Comfort is key when it comes to selecting pyjamas, especially in months where you're battling with high humidity and warm nights. We carefully designed our Linen Slips to hit at the perfect length to allow full movement when you're asleep so you won't wake up irritated, and our Linen Robes literally feel like you're wrapped up in your soft bed sheets which instantly puts you in a relaxing mindset.

They're sustainable

When harvesting the flax crop, every part is utilised, even if it is not used in the production of linen, for example, the seeds are pressed to make linseed oil. When compared to materials like cotton, linen actually requires less water and pesticides to thrive, and your linen pyjamas are both recyclable and biodegradable so you can rest easy at night. 

For a sleepwear option that'll keep you cool and refreshed, take a look at our Threads. by Bed Threads. range.

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