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7 Alluring Artworks Under $200 to Hang in Your Home

Art has a unique ability to transform the way a home looks and feels. It injects personality and interest into a space, helps define the personality of the homeowner and their home, and completes the overall interior aesthetic. 

But as much as we might love art and wish we could adorn our walls with beautiful paintings, buying original works can be very expensive. If you're not in a position to invest in any original pieces, opting for good-quality prints from your favourite artist is one of the best ways to bring some life to your walls without the hefty price tag. 

Whether you're looking to create a gallery wall or showcase a single pice of art, favour vibrant or dialled down works, there are plenty of affordable art prints on the market to elevate your home with. 

Bed Threads has collaborated with a variety of leading artists on a range of exclusive prints that will help enliven your home. The best part? They are are all under $200.

7 Affordable Artworks Under $200 to Hang in Your Home

1. Caroline Walls x Bed Threads 'Memories of Her' Print

Caroline Walls is one of the most celebrated contemporary artists in Australia. Her works are adored for their beautiful depiction of the female form and themes of womanhood. 'Memories of Her' is one of two artworks Caroline created exclusively for Bed Threads and features abstract, amorphous shapes awash in complementary sandy tones. Beautiful in its simplicity, a single teardrop-shaped focal point is etched in inky midnight blue, inviting the eye to wander around the soothing composition. This minimalist work will add subtle elegance to any abode.

2. Mafalda Vasconcelos x Bed Threads 'Rosa' Print

Mozambique-born, Melbourne-based artist Mafalda Vasconcelos works are loved for their vibrant colours and feminine spirit. She has created four exclusive artworks to help elevate your home, which take cues from soft pastel Bed Threads hues. Gentle and romantic, the 'Rosa' print depicts a woman seen in profile against an abstract background, where organic forms are cast in a soothing mixture of warm Ruby, Pink Clay, and Terracotta tones. 

3. Claudia Miranda x Bed Threads 'Unconditional Love' Print

Inspired by Picasso, Claudia Miranda's popular one-line black and white drawings perfectly suit any style of home from modern minimalist to industrial chic. Her creations are abstract, yet familiar, and draw the eye with their warm and open use of lines and shapes. 'Unconditional Love' explores the moment when movement meets stillness and when fluidity meets form.

4. Maggie Stephenson x Bed Threads 'Lagoon' Print

US-based artist Maggie Stephenson is fascinated by colour and the abstract human form. Playful and vibrant, her artworks enrich homes, injecting them with personality. With its colour palette of cool greens, blues, and soft lilac, 'Lagoon' evokes those blissful days spent swimming and relaxing by a body of water and will make for a beautiful adornment to any home.

5. Rose England x Bed Threads 'Bouquet' Print

Rose England is an artist, illustrator, and print designer based in North London who is fascinated by the natural world and female subjects. Her bold and abstract style is known to centre around elements from nature, with a particular focus on her greatest love, flowers. This is illustrated in her 'Bouquet' still life print which showcases a simple vase of blooms.

6. Harley & J x Bed Threads 'Aquarius' Print

Harley & J artist Jaz Meier's playful and much-loved creations are inspired by the natural world, the female form, and a combination of '60s and '70s psychedelic music posters. Astrology lovers will swoon over her whimsical zodiac prints which utilise a '70s palette and nostalgic motifs. These prints will look delightful in any boho, retro, or minimally styled homes.

7. Madeline Jovicic x Bed Threads 'Gelato Bar' Print

Madeline Jovicic's pastel paintings reference street food, sardines, and gelato stands. This playful print evokes images of hot summer’s day on holiday in Italy. You’ll want to hang this immersive print somewhere eye-catching, we recommend your home office or living space, to maximise the good vibes. 


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