Artist Mafalda Vasconcelos’ Evocative New Artworks Are a Celebration of the Female Spirit

Like many great artistsMafalda Vasconcelos was exposed to the creative life from the beginning. The Mozambique-born, Melbourne-based artist's earliest memories were of her drawing or sitting near her grandmother who was a seamstress. "I grew up watching my grandmother making clothes and I fell in love with it from a very young age," she shares with Bed Threads Journal.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Fashion Design, Mafalda realised that she didn’t want to constrain her design and artistic process to just clothes or accessories. "I also couldn’t find a job that I loved, so, I started fashion illustration on the side. Fast forward 4 years and I found what I’m passionate about – visual art, painting and making artistic objects."

Mafalda is motivated by sharing beauty and a strong desire to explore her own ideas of identity. "I’d rather use painting or writing to express myself and to process the world around us than speaking about it," she says.

In an exciting collaboration with Bed Threads, Mafalda has created four exclusive artworks to help enliven your home. Taking cues from soft pastel Bed Threads hues, Mafalda has created colour-drenched portraits that celebrate the feminine spirit.

To celebrate the launch of our exclusive collaboration with Mafalda Vasconcelos, we spoke to her to learn more about her artistic influences, what her creative process looks like, and the role of art in society.  


Mafalda Vasconcelos x Bed Threads 'Olive' Print


Hi Mafalda! We're so excited to have your artwork at Bed Threads. Can you tell us how your art relate to your personality and who you are?

I believe that we are all artists and artistic in our own way. I have the privilege to explore what that means every day.

My earliest memories were of me drawing or sitting near my grandmother who was a seamstress, and I would make things. As an introvert, creating was my way of processing an overload of information and to escape it. I still do this today. I’d rather use painting or writing to express myself and to process the world around us than speaking about it.  

What motivates you to create?

There is a deep desire within me to share beauty, but also a desire to explore my own ideas of identity, of being, of time, and death. Therefore, I can say that the need to explore existential and spiritual ideas through art is what motivates me to create.  


What was the inspiration behind this collection of artworks?

The aim is not to paint a picture, the aim is to paint someone’s moment in time. Colour, shapes, and texture are but a way of materialising an immaterial part of being, emotion.

The soft pastel colours in this collection were inspired by the beautiful colours in Bed Threads bedding and help to create a balance and convey emotion in each portrait. Violet, Blue, Olive and Rosa are the names of these feminine portraits. The names represent the main colour in each print and reflect on the psychology and effects of colour; softness, serenity, harmony, mystery, love. 

Who are your biggest artistic influences?

My biggest artistic influences are Roberto Chichorro, Henri Matisse, Frida Kahlo and Hilma af Klint.  

Can you tell us a bit about why you think art is important to society?

I always say that art is a celebration of humanity. Art is important to society because it mirrors our humanity and transmits different aspects of our existence. It also keeps us inspired. Consequently, art allows us to travel through time.

For more from Mafalda, follow her at @mmvce and mmvce.com

Enjoyed this? Take a tour of Mafalda Vasconcelos’ Colourful Melbourne Home

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