The Nook: Tour the Bondi Bedroom of Peaches Pilates Founder Tori Clapham

Welcome to The Nook, our new weekly series chronicling the dreamy bedrooms of our favourite people on Instagram. For this instalment, we tour the cosy Bondi bedroom of Peaches Pilates founder Tori Clapham.

If we're ever feeling uninspired to work out, there's one place we head to for motivation: Peaches Pilates

Founded by Tori Clapham, Peaches Pilates started as a collection of studios across Sydney. Over the past few years, it has transformed into a fully-fledged brand of fitness all of its own, one that focuses on self-love and inclusion and fosters a community of positivity. 

In more recent times, with the advent of the global pandemic and the subsequent closures of gyms in March, Tori and her team have pivoted to an online offering. This was a completely new space for the business, yet its inspiring message and range of classes have seen the platform grow astronomically. Peaches online now services members in over 30 different countries.

With such a busy few months, it's no wonder Tori has trouble drifting off to sleep at night. That's why she's turned her Bondi apartment, a space she shares with her husband and dog, into a calming oasis for her to return to after a long day at work.

From sleeping in peachy-hued Terracotta linen sheets, to putting her phone on airplane mode at night, to slathering her body in magnesium oil, read on to hear about how Tori finds a work-life balance through self-care. 

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Hi Tori! Your bedroom looks so cosy. How does your bedroom reflect your personality? 

Our bedroom is unfortunately very small (typical Bondi!), so I have less room to play with than other spaces in our house, but I am a huge fan of colour and fun! I have some of my favourite hats hanging above our bed, along with some of my Frankie Magazine collection and a few well-loved books, such as Lena Dunham's Not That Kind Of Girl and Bad Girls Throughout History. Naturally, I get a brilliant outlet for my inner Leo through with these divine linen sheets.

How do you go about styling your space? 

My favourite pieces in our home are our artwork and our huge, blue rug in the living room. I have a fantastic blue light photograph of Mick Jagger in our hallway, and a print from photographer Hugh Holland in our living room, from his street photography album, Locals Only: California Skateboarding 1975-1978. It depicts a really iconically Californian scene, that for me creates feelings of wanderlust, freedom and vivacity; from the deep sepia tones, the grit of the film grain and the nonchalance of his subjects - it is so fabulously retro! 

What does having a comfortable and inviting bedroom mean to you? 

Rest, good sex, and cosy sleep-ins!

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When did your passion for Pilates begin? 

My passion for Pilates began as a teen - I used to attend a class every Saturday with my mama. The principles stuck, and I dove deeply into the practise around 7 years ago, when I hurt myself in some awful pump class at a smelly gym.

I realised there was a gap in the market for not only effective and safe exercise, but a fitness space that could re-frame 'working out' from a place of self-love. Something that could be inviting, inclusive, kooky and fun. The seed for Peaches was planted and the rest is history.

How do you incorporate Pilates and wellness into your everyday routine? 

One of the best parts about being an instructor is that your fitness is easy to maintain. Incidental movement is part of the deal, and you get such a high from teaching an incredible class. Wellness is such an integral part of my job because what we're doing is essentially trading energy.

If I get the privilege of hosting a client in our studio, who may have only had 45 minutes spare for her entire week, I damn well better show her a good time. So eating well, drinking enough water and getting good sleep is basically how you breed that energy. That said, I'm certainly not one of those 'holier than thou' fitness people. I love nothing more than a good glass (read: bottle) of red, and a huge passion of mine has been to advocate for balance, and room for joy in your diet through cooking and eating.

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What does your regular sleep routine look like? 

I can really struggle with getting a good night's sleep unless I am set up for success. I am a bit of a type-A perfectionist which means that my brain will wake me up at 3 am to run me through a list of things either I could be doing better. It's a lot of fun!

That said, I have a few habits that I swear by: magnesium powder before bed, no TV past 9 pm, no screen time in bed, blue blocker glasses if I am reading my kindle, and showering in a very dimly lit bathroom before bed.

I also have a few more slightly aggressive and unusual techniques, such as covering the top part of my face with one of my husband's t-shirts (it's funny, but it works, especially if light sneaks into your room!), setting my alarm and putting my phone on airplane mode before I shower, so that when I hop into bed there's nothing for me to see or do; and slathering myself with a magnesium and essential oils blend. Can you tell I try hard? 

For more from Tori, follow her @toriclapham

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