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This Is Your Perfect Coffee Order, According to Your Star Sign

Your coffee order says a lot about your personality—are you nice and sweet or experimental and a little bit extra? Looking at the coffee menu in some cafes can feel like you're reading a foreign language. Your morning coffee options are truly endless, so we figured we would start with the zodiac to determine the best source of caffeine for you. The next time you find yourself feeling slightly overwhelmed in front of your barista, give your sign's signature coffee order a try and you might just be surprised at how much you like it.

Aries: Double Espresso
What's bolder than a double shot of espresso to go? Only the personality of an Aries. You're determined to get what you want out of every day, and this sweet, sweet caffeine hit will keep you focused on the task (or five) at hand.

Taurus: Cold brew
A common sight in every cafe these days, the cold brew is perfectly suited to the stable Taurus. The warmer weather makes it an ideal time to try this iced beverage that will leave you satisfied every time. Simple and gets the job done—just like you.

Gemini: Vanilla latte
Due to the fact that you tend to have two very different parts of your personality working in unison, a vanilla latte is a coffee compromise that appeases both your sweet tooth and your strong side. It's all about balance for a Gemini.

Cancer: Green tea
A nice mug of green tea is what a Cancer craves to feel that connection to the comforts of home. Add in a drop of honey, and you'll be ready to curl up with a book in no time.

Leo: Affogato
Leos love a bit of drama, and can't help but put on a show everywhere they go. You'll be sure to stand out with an affogato, a scoop of ice cream smothered in a shot of hot espresso.

Virgo: Long black
"Just a long black to go, thanks" has a certain ring to it. You're no-nonsense and always on a mission, so a strong cup of joe sans milk is your best bet for a reliable caffeine hit.

Libra: Flat white
As a Libra, you go with the flow, and you nail the art of a charming first impression. You've already won everyone over as soon as you enter the cafe, so a humble and classic flat white will do just nicely.

Scorpio: Ristretto
Scorpios are known for being dark and brooding, so it's only fair that their signature coffee order replicates their mood. Introducing the ristretto, an espresso with half the amount of water for a bold caffeine hit that'll kickstart your day.

Sagittarius: Caffè crema
You never stop thinking about your next big getaway, so your daily coffee order should reflect your adventurous spirit. Nothing screams summertime in the south of Italy like a refreshing caffè crema, a frozen coffee mixture that's as delicious as it sounds.

Capricorn: Caramel latte
For something that's tasty and won't give you the afternoon jitters, a caramel latte is a great choice for a hard-working Capricorn. Use your caffeine hit to show the world what you're made of (we know you love success).

Aquarius: Mocha
The best way for a curious Aquarius to start their day is to enjoy a decadent mocha. You like to do things just a little bit differently, so this coffee order will set you apart and feed your energy cravings.

Pisces: Iced latte
Without your morning coffee, it's hard for you to get motivated. Most of the time, you're busy daydreaming, so an iced latte will get you back on track in no time. Plus, this coffee order just looks good which is a total bonus.

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