8 Ways to Bring the 'Soft Girl' Aesthetic Into Your Home Décor

There's another TikTok trend on the loose and this time it's all about maximum cuteness. The 'soft girl' is a new persona that teens are trying out on their accounts, and with #softgirl nearing six hundred million views we thought it was time to take a closer look.

Here's what you need to know about the 'soft girl' aesthetic, a cousin of cottagecore, as well as some ways to incorporate it into your home décor.

What is a 'soft girl'?

Her colour palette is full of pinks and pastels, and she spends most of her time in her bedroom (probably posting on TikTok). She loves hair clips,  oversized sweaters and mom jeans, and her hair and make-up is meticulous. For an instant visual, think Ariana Grande, or just open TikTok and you're likely to come across a #softgirl post on your #foryou page.

The Guardian has written about how the 'soft girl' aesthetic might actually be a form of empowerment for these TikTok teens. They spoke to Jamie, the 14-year-old creator of the r/softgirl subreddit, who told them via Messenger: "On TikTok, I see a lot of videos radiating soft-girl energy," Jamie told them. By this she means "hair clips, soft [colours], mom jeans, glossy lips and overall just a dreamy vibe". They also quote Simon May, a philosophy  professor at King's College London, who says:

"To me, these girls are [ironising] the whole question of power. Do they have it, don't they have it, what is it to have it, and does it matter? ... When I look at [soft girls] I have no idea how much power they have or want, whether they are playing or protesting, or playing at protesting. Something about their playfulness seems to question why we see human life so exclusively, almost one-dimensionally, through a lens of power."


updating old stereotypes pt: 3 ideas for the series? ##softgirl ##foryourpage ##foryou ##cute ##comedy

♬ Soft Boi Szn - bingbongshowtime

How to do 'soft girl' décor at home

The primary theme underpinning the 'soft girl' aesthetic is cuteness. For home décor, this translates to softer colours, organic objects, plush materials, and plenty of pink. From colour to homewares, here are eight ways to dial up the cute in your home décor and try the 'soft girl' aesthetic on for size. 

1. More pink: 

Turn the volume way up on pink in your home décor and it will become instantly soft girl. Paint the walls or retile the bathroom if you can. Or, invest in a set of Rosewater Bed Threads—the perfect pink that you'll love even when this newfound soft girl phase ends.

2. Pastels:

For a more grown-up home décor take on soft girl meets cottagecore, Charlotte Ree's pastel paradise is the perfect example.

3. Go nineties:

Soft girls thrive in high-comfort environments. Plush surfaces and fluffy rugs are a great way to make your home feel like a cosy cocoon.

4. Lots of flowers:

Bricolage your flower arrangements. The more the better, and don't be afraid to mix and match.

5. Glitter: 

A touch of glitter will add instant soft girl to your décor. Look for vintage bowls made from glittery resin or jewellery boxes and catch-alls that sparkle.

6. Cute lamps:

Trawl vintage sellers for cute lamps—emphasis on the cute. Again, pink is ideal.

7. Fairy lights:

A string of fairy lights, when it's not even Christmas, will bring some of the magic of the soft girl aesthetic to your bedroom or living room.

8. Anime wall art:

Soft girls love anime. Hang a poster or framed print on your wall for a high-impact way to say: soft girls welcome here. 

Main image by Jasmine Dowling.

Enjoyed this? Here's everything you need to know about cottagecore, including how to incorporate the cosy trend into your home décor.

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