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6 Ways to Stay Social When You’re Working From Home

Working from home definitely has its perks, like no peak hour traffic and a flexible dress code. It can be a refreshing change of pace to set up your own office at home, and some people naturally enjoy working by themselves. Others may find the whole situation a bit isolating if they're used to getting a morning coffee with a workmate or discussing their weekend with the office. While we can do these things virtually, most of us are in fairly uncharted waters currently as we set up shop at home for the time being. We want everyone to feel connected even if we're social distancing, so we've come up with a list of ways to stay social while working from home.

Maintain your routine

If you're finding yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed by the rapidly-changing news and information at the moment, it's more important than ever to continue to keep hold of your routine, from the time you go to sleep each night to what time of the day you take a lunch break and move your body. It will take some adjustment to transfer your usual routine into your home if you're used to going to gym classes and eating out each day, so setting times (keep reminders in your phone) will help your brain and body stay focused and relieved of as much stress as possible.

Schedule phone calls

Even though we're moving towards working from inside our homes, that doesn't mean that you necessarily have infinite free time now. If you're still busy with work and general life tasks, don't let your relationships fall by the wayside. Instead, schedule in times to catch up with your friends and family via a phone call to check in on how everyone is adapting to their current situation. Just like exercise and meals, you're more likely to stick to a plan if it's planned in advance.

Workout online

It's time to get creative with your daily exercise, and a huge amount of gyms and personal trainers have set up online classes and programs to help us all stay fighting fit while we're at home. A lot of exercise apps, including Chris Hemsworth's Centr are offering extended free trial periods so that you're not out of pocket for the time being. It's a great way to get your body moving in a potentially new way and explore new forms of movement, like yoga and bodyweight exercises.

Do activities virtually

Did you know that Netflix Party means you can still have a movie night with your friends, virtually? Likewise, online book clubs like Rebel Book Club are gaining popularity as a way for people to make new connections and chat through their favourite stories with online friends. There's even a pub in Scotland who has made their nightly pub quiz available online for everyone to enjoy.

Use social media wisely

Mindless scrolling might have been somewhat harmless a month ago, but right now, it can lead to an inundation of opinions and startling facts that can increase feelings of anxiety and stress. It's vital that you stay updated on what's happening in the world via reputable news outlets, not your acquaintance's take on the situation via Twitter. If you're using social media apps, do it with purpose. Comment on your friends' posts, seek out positive accounts to follow, and avoid an endless scroll to keep you feeling in control.

Foster/adopt a pet

Unfortunately, some household pets are being handed over to animal rescue centres as people fear they will no longer be able to care for them. This puts a strain on already busy facilities and staff who do amazing work re-homing pets across the country, but provides an opportunity for anyone in a position to care for an animal to consider a temporary or long-term adoption of a pet. Organisations like RSPCA are reducing adoption costs to help connect people with their new furry companions. If you're going to be stuck inside, a loveable pet will make things exponentially more enjoyable.

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