Pinterest Has Spoken: These Are The Top Décor Trends For 2019

Words by Jen Nurick

We like our bedrooms with all of the trimmings: 100% pure French flax linen bedding to sleep on—in either of our new Rust or Terracotta shadesa candle or two from our collection to burn, and an interior setting that will elevate our sleeping quarters without dulling our Bed Threads’ shine. Remember: your bed is like an outfit for your room—and an outfit is only as good as the shoes it is paired with.

So ahead of the new year, we’re staying abreast of interior intel and keeping tabs on the dos and don’ts of home design—with Pinterest’s release of the top décor trends for 2019 our first point of departure. Read on as we breakdown store-bought décor from DIY to decorate your homes and bedrooms to the nines…

Hell for yellow

With searches for mustard yellow up +45 percent in the past year, homeowners are showing increased interest in bold pops of colour, warming to formerly unpopular shades like yellow in their personal spaces. Consider integrating the colour with the addition of a plush sofa, or include sunflowers by your bedside to lighten the bedroom in a less permanent alternative.

Turn up the heat

A +763 percent rise in searches for contemporary fireplaces illustrates homeowners are inclined to create a cosy ambience throughout winter. Both indoor and outdoor fireplaces were pinned countlessly, especially those sleek and refined in design. For a cost-effective alternative, deck the halls with our Fireside or Spiced Pear & Oak candles to mimic this homey feeling.

Alternate hanging art for yarn

Showing a meteoric +1718 percent rise in searches for yarns, Pinners are finding inspiration in three-dimensional art pieces, specifically made of yarn. Incorporating varied textures and shapes diversifies the home, personalising each room and expanding the sense of space.

Get into shape

Searches for geometric paint spiked +225 percent over the past twelve months, highlighting a growing interest in colourful, shapely wallpapers. Out with the bland and boring—get playful with form and structure to maximise unsung heroes in each room.

A thing for tin

Pinners looking for tin interiors boosted searches +563 percent—illuminating the return of custom, vintage inclinations in home design. The obsession with tin runs the gamut—from wallpapers to backsplashes, make way for the return of tin to accent kitchen counters or living room floors and mix different materials and metals in the home.

Coo coo for cacti

It’s no surprise that searches for cactus arrangements hiked up +235 percent over 2018. An economic and long-term alternative to traditional flowers, succulents and terrariums are the low maintenance, high impact plants that will add a decorative and natural touch to any space.

Vertical gardens

Not unlike the growing popularity of vertical living, the rise in searches for vertical gardens spiked +287 percent. Abandon frustrations over tiny balconies or little to no outdoor space and think up—you don’t need sprawling lawns or year-round sunshine to put your green thumb to work.

Paint the town

Eager to inject their personal spaces with pops of colour, Pinners searched for painted floor tiles at an increase of +1276 percent in 2018. Parquet floors coated in bold colours or featuring mosaic patterns are ahead for the curb for the coming year.

Wild, wild wallpaper

A +401 percent increase in searches for bold print wallpapers signifies that 2019 is the year of the feature wall(s). Scrap monochromatic colour schemes and opt for wallpapers with interesting designs—flora and fauna, animals, geometric prints, and remember: the bolder the better.

Swim easy

Entries for natural swimming pools grew +262 percent in 2018, signalling increased public consciousness and concern for the homeowner’s environmental footprint. That and the everyperson’s hatred of chlorine. 

For more from Jen Nurick, follow her on Instagram @jennurick and read her work at JENNURICK.com.

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