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Your Next Netflix Binge, According To Your Star Sign

I'm yet to meet someone without a Netflix subscription (or at least using their partner's login details). It's the must-have streaming service that houses thousands of shows and movies, with new additions added daily. To save you from an endless pursuit of the next perfect binge-worthy series, we've matched every star sign with the show that will resonate with them, from animated comedies to crime thrillers and everyone's new favourite, Tiger King. Scroll down to see what Netflix show you got.

Aries: Cheer

Your personality is often described as dynamic, quick and competitive, so there's no question that Cheer is your perfect Netflix match. The competitive cheerleading series that's taken the world by storm will bring out your inner athlete and you'll be cheering on the Navarro College Bulldogs from the beginning.

Taurus: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Half-human half-witch Sabrina is caught between her life as a mortal teen and her family's legacy, and the aesthetically pleasing visuals will appeal to the sensual and creative side of a Taurus.

Gemini: Sex Education

This high school drama/comedy where insecure Otis and rebel Maeve join forces to dish out sex and relationship advice is right up your alley. With sweet, heartwarming moments and witty characters, you'll make your way through the three excellent seasons in no time at all.

Cancer: You

Penn Badgley's current spot in the limelight is thanks to the wildly popular You—where he plays an obsessive, emotional stalker who acts on his dangerous thoughts. We're not saying you'd fall for his antics, but your compassionate side might have you believe he deserves a second chance. Tune in to see which character you relate to in this thrilling series.

Leo: The Circle

You're self-assured and outgoing, and you totally believe that you could fool everyone into winning this year's most fascinating social experiment, The Circle. You know how to make things go your way, and you're not afraid of some drama along the way. You might just see yourself in one of the players in this Netflix exclusive.

Virgo: Our Planet

Loyal and gentle, Virgos are always looking out for the people (and animals) in their life. As an Earth sign, you feel a deep connection to the world around you and are passionate about conservation, so David Attenborough's soothing tones and stunning visuals will help to ease your mind in this eight-part documentary series.

Libra: Love Is Blind

You're fair and are a master of compromise, so we think that out of all the star signs, a Libra would be the best at playing this fascinating dating game where couples get engaged without even seeing each other. The concept sounds crazy, but you're great at forming relationships and love to learn about what's going on in other people's minds. Plus, you'll get to see early 2000s idol Nick Lachey on hosting duties.

Scorpio: I Am A Killer

We think that Scorpios are going to be completely enamoured with the chilling accounts from death row inmates in this chilling interview series. It's not that we think you're capable of committing a crime so horrible, but as a passionate and resourceful person, you'll find these personal recounts entirely engrossing.

Sagittarius: Don't F*ck With Cats

You're generally a bright and optimistic person, but we also know that you're deeply philosophical and curious, so you'll be interested to hear about the weird and gruesome details in this trending three-part series. It might even break you out of your bubble so you can see the world from a bigger picture perspective.

Capricorn: The Witcher

The mythical, wicked storyline of The Witcher will totally bring out your tenacious side as you watch Henry Cavill battle through a turbulent world where he finds himself as a mutated monster-hunter for hire. He'll need discipline and independence—two traits you live by.

Aquarius: 100 Humans

As a deep thinker and an imaginative soul, you're keen to explore new information about the ways people think, act and feel. 100 Humans is a playful experiment where people from all ages, backgrounds and personalities participate in activities to uncover how others view being human.

Pisces: Stranger Things

You'll find any excuse to drift off into your own reality that you've carefully constructed in that sensitive mind of yours, so it's no surprise that your next Netflix binge should be Stranger Things—a show that is pure fantasy, nostalgia and dreamy visuals.

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