Detox Your Kitchen With These 6 Easy Hacks

The kitchen is a high traffic area of the home that can easily become overwhelming if left for too long. From outdated food in your fridge to cupboards packed to the brim with container lids, it can be daunting to even make a start. To break things down into smaller, easier steps, we've put together a checklist of things to complete each day that will get you one step closer to the sparkling clean kitchen you've always dreamed of that'll improve your health and lower any kitchen-related stress levels. 

Switch to natural products

This step is first on the list because it will set the tone for your kitchen detox from the very start. By replacing chemical-filled detergents and cleaners with natural versions (you can even create your own), any cleaning you do to your kitchen will be done knowing you're using safe, natural ingredients that won't harm you or your kitchen in any way. You'll most likely realise the sheer amount of various cleaning products you've kept on hand that could have been culled down to just a couple.

Clean the fridge

Have you ever looked in the back of your kitchen shelves only to find a vegetable that you can't even remember buying? Or a piece of cheese that resembles an avocado? It's time to (properly) clean the fridge. That means taking everything out, including shelves and compartments and thoroughly scrubbing and removing any unwanted food or drinks. It's a bit of a process, but a couple of hours spent will result in a week of contentment and peace of mind knowing that nothing is growing inside your fridge.

Scrub the oven

Be honest: how often do you clean your oven and cooktop? I mean really clean it until it shines? You're not alone—the oven is one of the most neglected areas of your kitchen simply because closing the door on it makes it the problem disappear! It wouldn't be a total kitchen detox without tackling the inside of your oven and between the burners on your cooktop. There's something so satisfying about that newly-cleaned kitchen gleam.

Build up your essentials

Now that you've got your fridge looking spick and span, you can begin to build up your essentials again. Start by decking your shelves out with vibrant fruit and veg that will nourish not only your body but also your soul, along with lean proteins and nuts and grains. If your fridge resembles a growers market, you're doing well. Try to make active choices to reduce sugar-filled drinks and sodium-rich meals and replace them with whole foods that are guaranteed to improve your health over time.

Raid the pantry

The opened packet of pasta from two years ago you forgot about can go, as well as anything that you haven't eaten in the last month or so (tin cans get a pass). You'll most definitely be surprised at the amount of food you've got stashed away in nooks and crannies in your pantry that is doing nothing but attracting insects. The same goes for sauces and condiments that you didn't even know you had—toss them so you can clearly see what you're working with.

Replace plastic with glass

A lot of reusable plastic bottles and containers contain harmful polycarbonate plastics that have no place in your new, healthy kitchen you're creating. If your drawers are filled with these types of plastics, it's time to look to glass or stainless steel options that'll last you a lifetime if cared for properly. If your budget doesn't allow, you can always do this over a period of time to build up a collection that you're proud of.

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