7 Common Morning Routine Mistakes Sabotaging Your Day

For many of us, mornings are a notoriously difficult time of day. We can't all be someone who happily wakes up at 6am, goes for a run, and then eats a nutritional breakfast. But the quality of your morning routine can affect the rest of your day, and it does deserve special attention. 

Getting a good sleep can be difficult, and can lead you to feeling less than refreshed by morning. It’s important to know that the same system that manages negative emotions is tied to the cyclical circadian rhythms of your sleep. So, getting enough sleep will make you feel your best mentally and help you be more alert when you wake up.  

What works for one person may not be right for another, but there are some key things you should avoid doing if you want to have a pleasant and productive day ahead.

Below, we look at seven of the most common mistakes many of us make at the beginning of each morning that can lead to lower moods, fatigue, and a chaotic rest of the day.

7 Common Morning Routine Mistakes Ruining Your Day

1. Hitting snooze

The daily battle of hitting your snooze button multiple times each morning is one many of us are very familiar with. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the extra snooze session typically doesn’t last long enough for you to finish a complete sleep cycle and therefore you won't benefit from it because you won't get into a restorative sleep state. 

Instead: One way to force yourself to get up and turn your morning alarm off is by placing it somewhere in your room so you need to physically stand up to turn it off. 

2. Jumping straight on your phone

Social media and the news can be anxiety inducing for a lot of people. By hopping straight onto your phone in the morning, you are effectively kickstarting your day by letting external sources dictate your mood. Instead, use this time to practice self-care without distractions and enjoy some "me time".

Instead: Try doing something that makes you feel good and helps you be more mindful like meditation, reading, or simply sitting and enjoying a cup of tea.

3. Not organising yourself the night before

Waking up in a hurried panic is a surefire way to put yourself in a bad mood. A morning spent frantically trying to find an outfit  to wear, where you left your keys, or packing lunch under a time crunch can make us more likely to neglect ourselves. This can lead to not prioritising important things like eating breakfast, and leave you feeling grouchy until lunch time.

Instead: Take some time the night before to organise yourself and ensure you can have a smooth and calming start to your next day. 

4. Not making your bed

It might be a small accomplishment, but making your bed sets the tone for the entire day. By choosing to ignore this you miss out on accomplishing the first task of the day, one that can help you feel more organised and in control.

Instead: You don't need to create a beautifully styled bed each morning, but simply neatening up your doona and pillows will do wonders. 

5. Not hydrating 

After going several hours without any hydration, a glass water first thing can hydrate the body while aiding digestion and metabolism. Not to mention a refreshing glass of water can really make you feel revitalised. 

Instead: Keep a glass of water or a carafe on your bedside table so you can reach for it as soon as you wake up.

6. Keeping your blinds closed

One of the first things you should do when you wake up is open your blinds. Exposure to natural light is one the easiest ways to help wake you up in the morning because it tells your body that it should stop sleeping.  According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, our circadian clocks use light and dark signals to predict what to do in the future. Our brains need input of sunlight through the eyes in order to prepare you to be active

Instead: If possible keep your blinds partially open when you sleep at night and eat your breakfast by a sunny window.

7. Not waking up at the same time each morning

For those who don't have continually changing work times, ensuring that you wake up at the same time each morning, even on weekends, will help immensely. Sleeping in on a Sunday makes it that much worse when you have to get up earlier on Monday. Getting into a regular pattern that your body is used to will help you feel more refreshed.

Instead: Set an alarm for the same time each morning including on weekends or only give yourself an extra half hour of snooze time.

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