2021’s First Mercury in Retrograde is Here to Test Your Relationships and Career

If life has begun to feel a little uncertain or things aren’t necessarily working out for you, you can blame it on astrology. The first Mercury retrograde of 2021 is officially kicking off on January 30, which means we’re in for a rocky ride over the next three weeks until it exits on February 21. 

While the world isn’t necessarily going to collapse, this astrological event is known to bring a lot of disruption, miscommunication and chaos in the form of missed appointments, arguments, mental confusion and (a lot of) broken or missing phones. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the first retrograde of the year so you can prepare yourself, and maybe even use the astrological changes to your advantage. 

What are Mercury retrograde dates for 2021?

In 2021, Mercury will be in complete retrograde movement during the following date ranges:

  • January 30 to February 21
  • May 29 to June 22
  • September 27 to October 23

What to expect from 2021’s first Mercury retrograde

According to astrologer Josephine Corcoran, the first Mercury retrograde of 2021 will force you to rethink decisions and make changes. You can also expect misunderstandings to “easily occur” and important information will be kept from you. 

In particular, Corcoran warns your career will be heavily affected during the next few weeks. 

“It’s important to avoid signing contracts or starting anything new,” she warns. 

“If you have no choice, make sure you check and recheck the details in the contract and very clearly state what you’re committing to and what the other party is committing to under the agreement.”

But don’t let this stop you from getting ahead in life - just expect things to not go as smoothly as planned. “You may well find you need to revise or renegotiate the agreements at a later stage or you may experience major delays to the commencement of the contract,” Corcoran explains. 

How to survive 2021’s first Mercury retrograde

Since Mercury is all about communication - both verbal and written - it’s important you prioritise this to make the most out of the next few weeks. 

Corcoran says Mercury will be providing you with “extra information about the ‘Aquarius story’ in your life.” This means you’ll be rethinking actions you’ve taken since December 22, 2020. Take this time to engage in any activity that begins with ‘re’ - redo, rework, reorganise, reconsider and review. 

It’s also a great time to come up with original and innovative ideas. 

“Even if you can’t get together with friends, use technology to reconnect. You’ll be in the mood to share your thoughts with others over the coming weeks,” Corcoran says. 

But remember, retrogrades cause miscommunication, so it’s best to tread carefully around others if you plan on discussing heavy topics with them that have the risk of ending in disaster. 

Star signs affected the most by 2021’s first Mercury Retrograde

With the retrograde falling in Aquarius, star signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are likely to feel the challenges of this retrograde more than others.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. For Aquarians, doors will open to perfect their personal brand while Leos will be forced to reconnect with their nearest and dearest through one-to-one conversations.

Sagittarians will most likely feel the signature tech glitches of retrogrades and Capricorns will need to keep a close eye on their finances.

Josephine Corcoran is an Astrologer and Holistic Career Coach. Follow her on Instagram @josephine.corcoran and sign up to her weekly forecasts here.

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