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Every Interior Designer We've Spoken To Is Obsessed With This Dramatic Décor Trend⁠

Have you heard? Minimalism is so 2018. The white and bright interior trend has held strong for the better part of a decade, but its maximalist relative is moving in to claim its spot as one of the hottest décor trends right now. Known for the unexpected, and with a distinct air of drama, more is definitely more when it comes to maximalist interiors. Incorporate this OTT trend at your place with the following decorating tips and tricks.

When thinking about a maximalist approach at home, the desired outcome should never be perfection. In fact, the beauty in this bold trend is that imperfections are embraced and give you a sense of lived-in luxury. Your home is a sanctuary that will ebb and flow with your life, so it should feel organic and unstructured in nature.

Bold interiors need to be comfortable, too. After all, your home is somewhere you look forward to relaxing at night and enjoying with friends and family on weekends. Without a mix of inviting and warm textures, a room can look flat and dare we say it, boring. Depending on the season, drape a wool throw over an armchair or opt for light linen cushions to lounge on.

Combining a few key elements of maximalism—colour, pattern and texture—wallpaper delivers bang for its buck. Unquestionably more interesting to look at than paint, there's no room that is off-limits when it comes to wallpaper; even the bathroom can benefit from a bit of pizazz.

This more is more trend is all about the unexpected, and metallic elements perfectly fit the bill because of their ever-changing nature and reflective qualities. From coffee tables to pendants, bring in metal materials like copper and brass that will bounce the shifting light around and offer you a new perspective every time you enter the room.

Experimental Art
When it comes to selecting art, follow your heart. Whether they're gigantic or minuscule, curate a collection of artworks that really speaks to your personality, as eclectic as that might be. Be bold and don't take it too seriously—the beauty of this design trend is that nothing has to match.

If you haven't already realised, there aren't many rules to this particular design trend. Patterns, colours and shapes should all be guided by what you love instead of what is technically the most cohesive. In fact, contrasting patterns provide a dynamic clash that gives that dramatic, maximalist aesthetic.

Over the gallery wall? The mural might be the next big thing. It's the most effective way to turn a blank wall into a living, breathing piece of art that will no doubt become a talking point at your next dinner party. Grab some tape and go for something graphic, or let the paintbrush guide your abstract creation.

Colour is key for a high-impact interior. Gone are the days of tonal schemes that do little to excite the senses, with lively palettes giving a home the character it deserves. Think of surprising ways to introduce colour, like with a floor rug or bright floor lamp that captures the eye.

If there's one thing this interior design trend isn't, it's lacklustre. A quick image search of maximalism will produce an assemblage of quirky and inventive spaces that exist to honour their residents. Collections of books, sculptures and other souvenirs should take pride of place for a design that is specific to you.


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