10 Genius Ways to Reuse Bed Threads Linen Sacks

Here at Bed Threads, we’re committed to doing business in a way that's best for us, our customers and our environment, too.

We share a wealth of sustainability advice on our Journal like easy zero-waste swaps for a plastic-free day, recycling myths you need to stop believing and how you can start your very own composting system (regardless of how small your home is). But sustainability is also a key concept when it comes to our products. Not only are we OEKO-TEX 100 Certified, but all of our bedding and sleepwear are packaged without plastic. In fact, they come in a 100% flax linen storage sack. 

While these chic pouches serve as a great way to neatly store your linens when they’re not on your bed, we’ve noticed a lot of our customers are getting creative by finding ways to reuse them that benefit them – and the environment.

From bread bags to hot water bottle covers, here are 10 genius ways you can reuse our Bed Threads linen sacks (once you wash them, of course). 


10 Genius Ways to Reuse Bed Threads Linen Sacks

1. Bread bag

You can say goodbye to plastic packaging and big wooden bread boxes that take up the entire kitchen counter by storing your loaves in linen. The woven linen fibres create a breathable environment that preserves bread, keeping the inside of the loaf soft while maintaining a crisp crust.

We're not saying it’s a miracle worker that will keep it from ever going stale, but it will keep your bread fresh for an extra few days compared to other storing methods. Plus, it's a technique the French have been using for centuries, so there are no arguments there.

2. A cosmetic and toiletry bag

A practical linen sack makes for a stylish, practical and easy-to-use way to store your make-up, cosmetics and toiletries in. While the drawstring is enough to keep all your items safe and secure, you could get artsy and replace it with a zipper following a simple DIY tutorial online.

It's also so much easier to clean compared to a bag made from leather or plastic - just pop it into the washing machine and you’ll have a home for your goods that looks and smells as good as new. 

3. A grocery bag

We’re all getting into the habit of using recyclable grocery bags now with more supermarkets and groceries moving away from single-use plastic bags. A linen sack makes for a great grocery bag, which looks incredibly chic, too. The drawstring also means easy handling once you’ve filled it with groceries. 

4. Shoe bag

Packing your gym bag? Instead of chucking your shoes amongst your clean clothes, store them in linen sacks. Linen is a naturally antibacterial material, meaning it doesn’t provide germs with an ideal breeding environment. 

5. Organise your intimates and undergarments

If you find yourself sorting through your drawer looking for matching socks or that one underwear, we’d highly recommend you set aside a few minutes to do some Marie Kondo-ing. Separate your intimates and undergarments by colour or category, and store your groupings in linen sacks. Your mind will be at peace every time you open your drawer.

6. Pot plant cover

Have an ordinary small plastic planter pot and don’t know how to make it look chic in your home? Depending on its size, you can simply fit it straight into a linen sack. 

If you want to get creative, you can sew a hessian border around the upper part of the linen sack (where the drawstring is) for an added effect. 

7. A tissue box cover

You don’t have to keep your sack in a sack-form – simply turn it into a tissue box cover following a few simple steps. There are plenty of simple DIY tutorials you can find online, which are easy enough to follow even for the most amateur sewers. 

8. Travel pouch for jewellery

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy travel jewellery case – simply keep your valuables safe in a linen sack. We would suggest placing necklaces in a separate smaller pouch and then placing them in your sack to avoid them from getting tangled amongst your other items.

9. Lunch bag

There’s not much to explain here other than it’s a simple (and stylish) way to take your lunch to work. Just like the bread bag, it’ll keep your goods nice and fresh until lunchtime. 

10. Hot water bottle covers

Give your hot water bottle a safe and cosy home by wrapping a light tea towel around it and popping it in your linen sack. It’ll help relieve joint and muscle pains, or simply keep you warm during the cooler months without causing harm to your skin. 

Have questions about our linen? From why linen sheds at first to the best tips on how to wash your Threads so they last for years, we answer all the most common questions about our 100% flax linen bedding here.

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