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How To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger Than It Really Is

Size matters when it comes to your bedroom. It's hard to restore your energy and relax in a space where the walls feel like they're closing in on you. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a master suite fit for a queen so in the meantime, use these clever styling hacks to trick the eye into thinking your shoebox is more like a spacious sanctuary. Hint: a four-poster isn't for you.

Bedside alternatives
If you've moved into a new place and tried to squeeze your bedside tables in so that there's literally no way to get out of bed, it's time to ditch them. Reclaim space with one of the amazing wall-hung options out there that have been made specifically for small bedrooms. Alternatively, opt for a small stool or chair that will give the illusion of more space but will still be practical for keeping a book and a glass of water next to your bed.

Mirror, mirror
It's the oldest trick in the decorating book—using reflected light to give the illusion of space. If you have mirrored built-ins already then that's a great start towards opening up your bedroom visually. Other than mirrors, reflective metal surfaces like brass, chrome and glass work really well to lighten the space and bounce natural light around. These materials can be incorporated in smaller decorator items like trays and vases if you're short on furniture space.

Hidden storage
Are you underutilising hidden storage options in your bedroom? For example, things that you can't part ways with but don't need daily can go on narrow tubs under the bed or high up in your wardrobe. If you happen to be purchasing new furniture for your bedroom, consider a storage bed that will actually free up a lot of space and the best part—it's completely out of sight.

Consider scale
If you've drawn the short straw in your sharehouse when it comes to the bedrooms, work withnot againstthe space. A king-size bed probably isn't appropriate and will just make you feel claustrophobic. Likewise, a big armchair will do little but collect clothes in a small bedroom. Be realistic with your proportions and decorate accordingly. 

Have fun
A tiny bedroom doesn't have to be bland and boring, with some people confusing light and bright with clinical and cold. The former can be achieved with colour, texture and your favourite personal items. Take our Rust Flax Linen Quilt Cover Set, for example—it offers a luxurious look that can help to create that bedroom retreat you've always dreamed of.

Clear entry
Oftentimes in small bedrooms, the area behind the door can become a dumping ground for clothes, bags and other clutter. By obstructing the entry to the bedroom, you've already given the impression that there isn't enough room. Choose racks and hangers that attach to the back of the door to clear up the all-important entryway floor.

Utilise windowsills
Every surface can be used in a small bedroom to either store items or display things like pot plants, candles and jewellery. You might be overlooking one important surface in the bedroom—the windowsill. Not only is it a perfect sunny spot for your leafy companions, but it's also not going to intrude on any precious floor space.

While you're at it, make your whole apartment feel bigger with these 13 (free!) tricks.

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