18 Décor Pieces Chic French Girls Have in Their Apartment

When it comes to style—whether it's outfits or décor—French girls have been consistently setting the bar for what's cool for decades. Parisians are known for their effortless aesthetic that looks both thrown together and elegant at the same time, and we've been aiming to emulate them for years now.  

Detailed cornices and antique floorboards are hallmarks of French interiors, and antiques mingle with contemporary prints. It's the ultimate chic style and one that offers plenty of inspiration for designers around the world.

The good news is that the interior style of the uber-cool French can be replicated anywhere by incorporating the following must-have décor pieces.

18 French Girl Décor Tips 

1. 100% French flax linen

We'd never go back to sleeping on anything else now that we've experienced the heavenly benefits of our very own pure linen sheets. It turns out we're completely on trend, with our collection of buttery-soft linens grown in France and imbuing that effortless aesthetic we all love so much. 

2. Gold frames

French girls decorate their apartments in an eclectic way that snubs interior trends and follows no direct path at all. Instead, contrasting elements are thrown together that manage to look magazine-worthy at all times. One such element that is recurring from our very important French decorating research (aka an excuse to scroll, like and pin) is golden frames. They're perfect for adding depth to a modern artwork and work just as well when framing a mirror. 

3. Curtains

Imagine a set of balcony doors flanked by luscious curtains that puddle on the ground just perfectly. You're no doubt picturing a very Parisian scenario, but it's easy to recreate at home, too. The addition of curtains can make a window or door seem taller and give a sense of symmetry to a room, and they don't have to cost a lot. Curtains can also be used to hide unattractive window treatments that renters are often faced with.

4. Wildflowers

Hand-picked posies are favoured by French girls over perfectly arrange bouquets when it comes to decorating. Arm yourself with a pair of trusty secateurs and keep your eyes peeled for a roadside patch of wildflowers that will add a sense of whimsy and personality to your place.

5. Velvet cushions

Velvet is a material that is not going anywhere fast in the world of home decorating, and we're happy about that. Those in the know are aware that just a simple cushion in the plush fabric can add a sense of luxury without breaking the bank. 

6. Bold rug

Rugs are useful (and necessary) no matter how small or large your home is. They effectively zone areas and provide a cosy texture that adds warmth to your space. The French are great at incorporating bold pieces that many of us would be afraid to pull the trigger on. For example, an oversized and distressed Persian rug is an incredible statement that speaks for itself. Try thinking outside of the grey box when it comes to your next rug.

7. Contemporary art

The thing we love about these interiors is that the contrast of old and new works so well to create a particular look that is relevant to both the past and what is happening now in design. Contemporary art, especially with graphic or bold shapes and lines can add a certain sleek edge that offsets vintage pieces and adds a modern touch.

8. Heirlooms

Old is new and new is old when it comes to French decorating. Important family heirlooms and pieces that have been handed down through generations are proudly displayed amongst mementos and sentimental items to form a home that's unmistakably personal.

9. Cafe setting 

A trip to Paris will most likely see you sitting in many a cafe, enjoying the streetscapes and watching the stylish locals wander by while sipping a coffee. Replicate the European vibe by setting up a small cafe setting on your balcony where you can enjoy a daily croissant and daydream of Le Marais. 

10. Books

Stacked beside the bed or casually placed in a set of shelves, books are an essential French girl item to accessorise your apartment with. Make a feature of any novels or even magazines that you have accumulated by showing them off on your coffee table and throughout your home.

11. Oversized plant

As the saying goes, go big or go home. That definitely applies when it comes to indoor greenery, with just one large houseplant enough to make a lively statement. Dress your leafy companion in a rustic pot or woven basket to complement your new interior style.

12. The perfect chair

On everyone's lips right now is the iconic Pierre Jeanneret rattan chair that oozes rustic charm and modern lines simultaneously. The perfect armchair has the power to seriously elevate your space and is worth investing in as it'll be a piece that stays with you forever.

13. Candles

In any French girl's apartment, you'll be sure to find a selection of half-burnt candles lying around, some with wax drips that look like they were used to light an intimate dinner party. As well as filling the air with a delectable scent, candles create an atmosphere that perfectly complements this atmospheric interior aesthetic.

14. Handmade ceramics

There's an artisanal element to French interiors that makes them so authentic and interesting, and one way to achieve that with your own decorating is to select handmade pieces like bowls, mugs and other ceramics to finish a space off all while supporting local artists and makers. 

15. Vintage vases

It's not uncommon to see a few dried arrangements scattered throughout a French girl's pad, often in interesting vintage vases that they picked up at a flea market. You can often find hand-blown glass and intricately-detailed vases for the cost of a cup of coffee at your local markets and vintage stores that are an elegant alternative to the mundane.

16. Floor lamps

We often talk about mood lighting in interiors and the use of various sources of light to create ambience at home. Floor lamps are used by French girls to craft the perfect reading nook and provide an oversized statement that adds a sense of scale and grandeur to even the most petite apartment.

17. Marble side table

If you're like us, a marble tulip table is high on your list of must-have furniture items. Sleek, curvy and oh so French, a marble side table is ideal for use as a bedside table or next to the sofa as a place to rest your coffee and book.

18. Jewel tones

Jewel tones are richly saturated colours that replicate the look of gemstones in shades from emerald greens to ruby reds. They instantly signify a sense of regality and are inexpensive when used in vases, cushions and even your bed linen. 

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