British author Dolly Alderton’s long-awaited book-turned-tv-show is finally here.

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'Everything I Know About Love' and 9 More Shows to Binge This June

British author Dolly Alderton’s long-awaited book-turned-tv-show is finally here.

We're so excited for the month of television ahead. There’ll be friendship rom-comsEverything I Know About Love, the adaptation of Dolly Alderton’s memoir, coming to Stan – and kickass Marvel superhero shows. There’ll be a new season of Only Murder in the Building, one of our favourite gentle watches from last year, and another season of the acerbic, addictive Physical.

We’re excited for Alicia Vikander’s starry turn in Irma Vep, for a YA rom-com from the creators of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, and for The Twelve, a big Aussie courtroom drama with one of the best casts we’ve ever seen.

Are you ready to binge? Here are 10 TV shows to keep you entertained in June.

1. Physical, Season 2

Rose Byrne is back in the second season of her biting black comedy Physical, set in a competitive ‘80s exercise class scene. Joining her this season is – drum roll please – fellow Australian actor Murray Bartlett, who you might remember from his starring role in The White Lotus. We could not imagine more perfect casting as a powerhouse exercise instructor and infomercial magnate. Are you ready to get physical again?

Where can I watch it? June 3 on AppleTV+

2. The Boys, Season 3

The Boys might not be everyone’s cup of tea: it’s violent, gory and a little bit nasty. But this satire of the superhero genre is also some of the sharpest writing on television, is well-acted by a cast that includes Chace Crawford, Karl Urban, and Karen Fukuhara, and provides a very clever satire of the superhero stories that have come to dominate pop culture. We loved the first two seasons of this show and can’t wait for the third.

Where can I watch it? June 3 on Prime Video

3. Irma Vep

Alicia Vikander stars in this miniseries from Olivier Assayas, the French director best known for his work with Kristen Stewart in Personal Shopper and Clouds of Sils Maria. Here, he takes on his own work – he previously directed a film called Irma Vep in 1996, starring Maggie Cheung – in which a film star searching for her next big hit signs on to star in a television remake of a classic silent movie. Assayas’ original film was concerned with movie remakes, here, he’s turning his gaze on our obsession with television, and Vikander, herself a newcomer to the world of streaming, is a compelling small-screen presence as the story unfolds, which investigates fame, celebrity culture and our obsession with stardom.

Where can I watch it? June 7 on Binge

4. Everything I Know About Love

We’ve been waiting for this one for a long time. Dolly Alderton’s memoir Everything I Know About Love is one of our favourite books, and it’s been adapted – by Dolly herself – into a miniseries that will soon stream on Stan. The plot of the series will follow the events of the book but the characters in this iteration are fictional. The Dolly character will be called Maggie, played by Emma Appleton, while her best friend is Birdie (Morning Wars’ Bel Powley), as the pair move into their first London flatshare and the next phase of their lives. We predict that this is going to become one of the most cherished series of a generation looking to find a representation of how friendship can be some of the most important relationships in a woman’s life.

Where can I watch it? June 8 on Stan

5. Ms Marvel

Ms Marvel is the latest superhero show from Marvel, and the first to focus on a Muslim hero: teenage Kamala Khan, a high schooler who discovers incredible powers and will go on to become an ally to Captain Marvel. In this series though, she’s still learning about her abilities and how to best use them, and there’s a delightful coming-of-age slant to the aesthetics, the storyline, the soundtrack and the costumes. Being a teenager is hard. Imagine what it’s like being a teenage superhero!

Where can I watch it? June 8 on Disney+

6. The Summer I Turned Pretty

From the creator of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before comes another wholesome YA romance. The Summer I Turned Pretty is a sweet love triangle tale centred on 16-year-old Isabel, or ‘Belly’, who finds herself stuck in the middle of a romance between two brothers while on a summer holiday. We’re not going to lie, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is still some of our favourite things to watch on Netflix, so we have high hopes for this new series, also created by author Jenny Han.

Where can I watch it? June 17 on Prime Video

7. You Don’t Know Me

This English courtroom miniseries is juicy, compelling viewing. Written by the man who wrote Vigil, which so enthralled us last year, the story centres around a young man on trial for murder who fires his barrister – who is spinning his own story in order to win the jury over – and decides to represent himself. In doing so, he addresses the jury directly, sharing the tale of what really went down on the day of the murder. Incredibly watchable and very binge-worthy, and starring Australian actor Sophie Wilde, too.

Where can I watch it? June 17 on Netflix

8. The Twelve

The Twelve has to have one of the best casts we’ve seen on screen recently: Sam Neill, Marta Dusseldorp, Brooke Satchwell, Kate Mulvany, Pallavi Sharda and Matt Nable. The story is set in a courtroom when 12 people are summoned to decide the fate of a woman on trial for a shocking crime. But each of these 12 people bring their own life stories and experiences into that room as they are deciding this woman’s fate, and the result is a series that presents a vision of the justice system that we haven’t seen before on screen.

Where can I watch it? June 21 on Foxtel

9. Loot

In Loot, billionaire Molly Novak (Maya Rudolph) seems to have a perfect life. Private jets, a beautiful house, gorgeous husband and designer clothes. But when her relationship unravels, Molly finds solace in working at a charitable organisation she founded – bringing self-discovery, humility and a lot of fun. Could this be another sleeper hit like Apple’s beloved Ted Lasso? We’re willing to give it a try, based on our love of Maya Rudolph alone.

Where can I watch it? June 24 on AppleTV+

10. Only Murders In The Building

Were you one of the many, many people who fell in love with the delightful Only Murders In The Building last year? (It was Hulu’s biggest comedy series of all time, and streamed locally here in Australia on Disney+.) You’ll be very glad to know that season two is on the way, as our trio of Charles (Steve Martin), Oliver (Martin Short) and Mabel (Selena Gomez) reunite to clear their names in a murder that took place in their tony Upper West Side apartment block. Hijinx, comedy and guest stars including Amy Schumer and Cara Delevingne ensue. We truly cannot wait to be back in this hilarious world once more.

Where can I watch it? June 29 on Disney+

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