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7 Home Improvement Shows That Will Inspire Your Next Makeover

Learn from the pros and ignite your creativity.

Giving your home a makeover can be an overwhelming task. It can be tricky to know what you like or what might look good. But the feeling of a refreshed space is unbeatable and can make you feel as though you've stepped into a new home. There’s no better place to start than by looking to the streaming platforms for some inspiration. Home improvement television shows have always been popular but now, thanks to a proliferation of streaming, there seem to be more than ever.

Planning on giving your home a little makeover? Looking to do some DIY renovations on your apartment or house? Here, we round up some of our favourites to give you inspiration, motivation, and maybe even a little guiding hand as you prepare to embark on your own home makeover journey, no matter how big or small.

1. Motel Makeover

Where can I watch it? On Netflix 

There is only a single season – and just a handful of short episodes – of this Netflix series, which means it’s the perfect Sunday afternoon binge-watch. Motel Makeover follows a pair of best friends, April and Sarah, as they attempt to turn a run-down motel in Ontario, Canada into Instagram-worthy accommodation. We love this series because of the design, both April and Sarah have taste that feels modern and fresh, which isn’t always the case on home improvement television shows, and we also love the way they deal with setbacks that come across their path – a common occurrence while renovating a home (or in this case, a motel). They face every roadblock head-on, which is great inspiration for your own fixer-upper.

2. Dream Home Makeover

Where can I watch it? On Netflix

We have four words for you: Before and after shots. Dream Home Makeover is an addictive series currently in its fourth season on Netflix for one very good reason; it gives you satisfying before and after shots of properties that have been transformed into forever homes. Hosted by Sydney and Shea McGee, who run their own husband-and-wife design business, this show is set in Utah and features breathtaking renovations. Some of these properties might feel pie-in-the-sky, but we promise you those ‘after’ shots are so addictive you’ll keep watching, episode after episode.

3. Fixer Upper

Where can I watch it? 9Now 

Fixer Upper might be one of the most beloved and classic home improvement shows. The series launched Chip and Joanna Gaines – a couple who have become one of the most celebrated faces of the genre – as celebrities in their own right. It also established their design language and style; an elevated, modern farmhouse aesthetic that has become synonymous with Joanna and has resulted in her garnering 13 million Instagram followers. But Fixer Upper is where it all began, following the couple as they helped families in Texas take shambolic houses and completely transform them. You can watch episodes for free in Australia on 9Now, and wait until the end of the year when their new project, Fixer Upper: The Hotel hits streaming.

4. Grand Designs

Where can I watch it? On ABC iView 

Another classic, Grand Designs has some 20 seasons on ABC iView for you to binge through. Yes, the houses – if they can be called that! – on this show are, for want of a better word, grand. And yes, the people doing the renovating always seem to end up over budget and over schedule. But there’s something so satisfying about watching big dreams come to life in this show and looking at what you could do if money was less of an obstacle. With Kevin McLeod's witty commentary, this series is a must-watch.

5. Stay Here

Where can I watch it? On Netflix ​​

This show might be of particular interest if you’re looking to get into the travel rental market. Stay Here follows renovators who are designing their home improvements with an eye to listing apartments, homes, houseboats and more to travellers looking for short-term accommodation while they travel. There are some great design tips in this series and a lot of insight into what to do when you’re renovating for the AirBnb or Stayz crowd.

6. Get Organised With The Home Edit

Where can I watch it? On Netflix 

We love The Home Edit, professional home organisers Clea and Joanna, who have a no-nonsense and practical approach to getting all the clutter in your personal space under control. You might have seen them on celebrity Instagrams and social media – they are famous for their pantry organisation system, which involves a lot of clear boxes and labels – and they now have their own Netflix show, where they visit celebrities and regular people in need of some organisational help. There are episodes on this series with everyone from Drew Barrymore to Reese Witherspoon and Khloe Kardashian, and unlike their Instagram account, here the Home Edit go beyond the kitchen and into wardrobes, studies, lounge rooms and more. It’s fascinating and addictive, as well as full of easy-to-follow tips.

7. Home

Where can I watch it? On AppleTV+ 

Think of Home like Chef’s Table for houses. This AppleTV+ docuseries, currently in its second season, is about some of the world’s most impossibly creative and breathtaking houses and the people who made them possible, from architects to designers. So while it might not always be about simple tips you can implement in your own space, it is full of inspiration, passion and creative fuel that will inspire you as you go about your home renovation journey. All passionate home improvers will want to watch this show, trust us.

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