Inside the Impeccably Styled Bedrooms of 8 Interior Designers and Stylists

With the bedroom being the most important room in the house, styling it can be particularly challenging and stressful. To help you out, we've previously shared all our tips including landlord-approved decorating hacks for those who are renting, simple ways you can turn your room into the ultimate sleep sanctuary and even how to choose the perfect linen colours for your bedroom.

But if you're still stumped and looking for inspiration, why not take advice from the experts who style bedrooms for a living? Here, you can take a tour inside eight of the most breathtaking bedrooms of interior designers and stylists. Take note of the colour palettes used and keep in mind where certain decor items and artworks are placed. Whether you decide to take inspiration from one section of a bedroom or want to replicate the entire space into your bedroom, there's inspiration here for everyone. 

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Inside 8 inspiring bedrooms of interior designers and stylists

1. Jessica Bellef

Fit with a vintage bedroom suite, Jessica's sleep sanctuary looks likes it's straight out of the 1970s. The wooden furniture pairs perfectly with her Olive and Sage linen sheets, creating an earthy and relaxed feel. Her best bedroom styling tip? 

"Always add more books, more art and more lamps, but leave some breathing space. Negative space is powerful and can help create a calm room that gives you the space to let happiness and good thoughts in."

Take a full tour inside Jessica's house here.


2. Claudia Stephenson

Everything in this interior decorator's bedroom has been carefully selected and placed. While minimal, every decor item still serves a purpose in Claudia's sleep sanctuary, from the unique gold-plated lamp to the off-centred artworks. For Claudia, if it doesn't bring a smile to your face every day, get rid of it.

Take a full tour inside Claudia's house here.


3. Simone Haag

If you've got a small bedroom, look towards Simone Haag's mid-century home where she has managed to make her narrow bedroom look bigger than it really is. The light White and Pinstripe bed linen combined with the natural light coming through the window helps open up the space. Trinkets and treasures line surfaces as far as the eye can see, but somehow nothing feels too cluttered. She's also incorporated textured fabrics, ceramics and greenery, creamy and beige tones to tie everything together. 

Take a full tour inside Simone's house here.


4. Tali Roth

Interior designer Tali Roth loves a “chic and serene” sleeping space, which she achieves by keeping the clutter away. Her top tips for styling a bedroom are to “have sufficient storage” to ensure there is no “visual clutter”, opt for neutral colours  “light or dark, depending on personal taste" - and prefers a clean, matching Bed Threads linen set in White. Oh, and the most important of all? “Make your bed every morning,” she enthuses. “It’s a must!”

Take a full tour inside Tali's house here.


5. Josh and Jenna Densten

The crafty couple from The Block have a bedroom that flooded with natural light, textural finishings to create depth and a premium fee, and an overwhelming sense of warmth and comfort. It's minimal without being boring, and colourful without being startling. Jenna's top bedroom tip is to design and style the space based on the feeling you want to create. 

"I’m all about calm vibes because my life is well, hectic," Jenna explains. "For me, a calming interior is all about a neutral colour palette where I feel most at ease, but for you it might be blues or greens."

Take a full tour inside Josh and Jenna's house here.


6. Daniel Boddam

If minimalism is your style, Daniel's bedroom will provide some inspiration. His mantra is "less is more" when it comes to decorating a bedroom. 

"Few, but edited, pieces that have breathing space," he explains. "A bedroom should be a restful atmosphere, so working with complimentary colours and natural materials works well. I tend to favour layered monochromatic and neutral colours and rely on art for pops of colour."

Take a full tour inside Daniel's house here.


7. Kyal and Kara Demmrich

Coastal vibes flood every room in The Block couple's dream beach home, especially the bedroom. The four poster bed, made by Kyal using timber from the original beach shack where their house now lies, is one of Kara's most beloved pieces in the entire house. Paired wth rich Khaki and natural Oatmeal linen, the result is a sumptuous and restorative space for a good night's sleep.

Take a full tour inside Kyal and Kara's house here.

8. Simone Haag's weekender

The interior designer travels to this weekender whenever her and her family need a break from urban life, which is exactly the vibe the bedroom portrays. Her sleep sanctuary exudes comfort and warmth through carefully curated colours and decor items. 

"I would never style a room where there’s just a bed against a wall. I always like to have my stacks of books, ceramics or a jewellery bowl behind me so a lodge behind my bed is a non-negotiable," she says. 

"Moreover, I always like artwork and it can’t just be a single piece of art over a bed - I always like mixed medium artwork so combining tapestries with ceramics, paper mache, paintings and photographs."

Take a full tour inside Simone's beachfront weekender here.


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