13 Astrology Accounts on Instagram to Guide You Through 2020

The dearth of astrologers on Instagram nowadays reflects not only the power of astrology itself but also our apparent need for guidance and healing as we float through the pandemonium that is 2020.

This paradox of choice, however, sometimes only adds to our anxiety. In the world of Instagram astrologers, who is for real? And who is best suited to you – a unique individual who requires nuanced solutions. Witchy astrologer types are, for the most part, each more warm and nurturing than the average person, which means that while they are technically strangers to you, they're the perfect strangers to give you strength and support in times of uncertainty.

From the mantras of Amy McDermott at Sisters Village to the Tarot of the Week videos by Jerico Mandybur, and truly some of the finest creative direction happening on social media right now, here are 13 of our favourite astrology accounts on Instagram to guide you through the rest of 2020 – and beyond!


Jessica Lanyadoo is the author of Astrology For Real Relationships and also hosts astrology advice show Ghost of a Podcast. When it comes to astrologers who are active online, she's the real deal. She's been doing one-on-one consultations for 15 years and writing weekly horoscopes for 17. She's also an Animal Communicator who's partial to a good Simpsons meme. What a woman! These days, she publishes weekly audio horoscopes on her website.



Amy McDermott of Sisters Village approaches astrology through a wellness lens. On Instagram, she posts mantras for each star sign with extended captions that allow for deep and nuanced reflection on where you're at and where you're going. Through beautiful simplicity, Amy is able to cut through the mess of Instagram and get right to the heart of you. 



Jerico Mandybur is not only a gifted astrologer, tarot reader and healer, she's also a brilliant curator of memes and writes Instagram captions worthy of print publication (does that still exist?). Her posts always leave you feeling lighter and more capable, and her tarot of the week videos are must-see IGTV. If Jerico's warm, inclusive style of astrology resonates with you, her book, Neo Tarot, will nurture your intuition as you learn and heal – and it comes with the most exquisite illustrated tarot deck produced in collaboration with Daiana Ruiz so you can pull your own cards at home. And if audio is more your medium, Jerico's podcast, Beyond Belief, explores everything from stigmata and satanic feminism to dolphin communicators and spirit guides.



Aliza Kelly leans in to the chaotic energy of meme culture and delivers a more esoteric brand of astrology that's perfect if you're an Extremely Online person. She offers funny and relatable explanations of astrology terms we all say but might not actually understand (i.e. what even is Mercury Retrograde anyway?) as well as zodiac-specific nuggets of wisdom accompanied by pop culture motifs. 11/10, would follow.



Nadine Jane has a gentle way about her, and none of her writing is overly esoteric. This is the astrology account for you if you're looking for accessible horoscopes and empowering mantras. Nadine also produces and hosts a podcast podcast What Time Was I Born? 



Lisa Stardust writes horoscopes and other words of empowerment for titles such as Teen Vogue, Girlboss, Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, British Vogue – she's a bona fide writer who can craft a good sentence. Her Instagram account is full of positive, inclusive, pop-culture images that will give you a boost whenever they hit your feed. 



Shakirah is a powerhouse of an astrologer, a teacher, and a champion of diversity. She's the director of the Fresh Voices in Astrology summit, which also runs webinars, and the co-founder of NFLUX magazine, which centres people of colour, queer people and femmes in art activism and healing. Her captions break down the ins and outs of the technical side of astrology in a way that most rookies will understand, and her sheer commitment to the cause is in itself inspiring.



Mecca provides a unique offering in the world of Instagram astrologers in that she regularly uploads beautiful photos of her beautiful self. By sharing herself – as well as her astrology – with followers, she's able to make strong connections. So, if you resonate with her style, think of her smiling face watching over you like a guardian angel.



With @queercosmos, Colin Bedell offers a portal into the world of astrology for queer people. In 2020 especially, personal healing is inherently social, which you'll see on his account. With an eclectic mix of graphic tiles, lengthy captions, and campy videos that'll encourage you to dance it out, Colin will add good vibes to your feed.



Alice's distinctive visual style comprises consistently serif typography and negative space. She uses images sparingly, creating a calm atmosphere on her Instagram grid and posts that convey her unique perspective succinctly to your feed. Her account offers an especially Instagram-friendly version of astrology, with full horoscopes living on her website.



Astrologer Julia Topaz uses colour in a highly pleasing way, so if you're a visual learner @lookupthestarsastro is the account for you. Her refined taste in memes is bolstered by considered captions that relay her interpretation of the stars and how they might relate to you.



Unlike our other favourite astrology accounts on Instagram, which are all run by unique individuals who have answered the call to look to the stars for answers, this one is run by an entire content team. Co—Star is an AI-driven app that generates astrological charts based on your exact time, date and place of birth, and this is its Instagram account. The app is a lot of fun and great way to get into astrology, and the pithy lines of copy included in their almost always viral Instagram posts will definitely make you want to tag a friend in the comments. Follow @costarastrology for the social aspect, but for a more personal connection consider the other accounts on this list.



Some consider Susan Miller the OG people's astrologer, at least in the world of 2000s fashion magazines and the blogs that idolised New York influencers before that term was even invented. On Instagram, quite wonderfully, Susan posts vivid photos of naturescapes, any of which would be perfect as your computer's new Windows desktop picture, along with brief announcements about new content on her website – horoscopes and essays. If you're after a more traditionally written horoscope from someone who is definitely not an Extremely Online person, Susan is your go-to.


Lead image by Seeds of Spells.

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