10 Chic Linen Colour Combinations to Try This Summer

Summer is a notoriously difficult season to get a good night's sleep, but one thing that does make it more tolerable is a fabulous new set of linen sheets. The best thing to sleep in during the hot summer nights if you’re the kind of person prone to overheat in bed is flax linen.

A new season is the perfect excuse to shake things up and redecorate your sleep sanctuary and it can be as simple as opting for a new linen colour combination. This will transform how your room looks and feels but requires minimal effort. 

If you're looking to spruce up your bedroom for the warmer months, take design cues from these ten spaces which showcase stunning linen colour combinations, all of which can be recreated in our Build Your Own Bundle.

10 Bed Linen Colour Combinations for Summer

1. Rust & Rust Stripe

A match made in heaven, this toasty combo in Emma Lane's Byron Bay retreat celebrates our Rust hue in all it's glory. The burnt orange tone will feed warmth and energy into any bedroom. The Rust Stripe sheets create contrast while the stripes tie in elegantly with the solid Rust sheets.

Recreate this look with Rust and Rust Stripe in Our Build Your Own Bundle 

2. Oatmeal & White

This pairing practically screams summer. Fresh and light, the Oatmeal & White combo is timeless and will be a popular choice to bring our every year. The beauty of these colours is that they will suit any bedroom style and bring a classic, bright look to any space. 

Recreate this look with Oatmeal White in Our Build Your Own Bundle 

3. MineralWhite

The colours of this refreshing combination almost look as though they would offer you respite from the summer heat. Mineral is the perfect blend of greys and refreshing sea tones and White adds a crisp and clean touch. Together, they create a scheme that's equal parts sophisticated and soothing, and one that's reminiscent of the ocean.

Recreate this look with Mineral and White in Our Build Your Own Bundle 

4. Peach & Lilac

This playful pastel combo in Josh and Jenna Densten's home features our Peach colourway, a sweet shade of pink that will inject warmth, brightness and life into your bedroom, and our delicate and delightful violet colourway. Together, this bubbly duo serve an aesthetic that feels youthful but chic and evokes images of hot summer days with gelato.

Recreate this look with Peach and Lilac in Our Build Your Own Bundle 

5. Pink Clay & Terracotta

This beautiful combo will elevate any bedroom with its warm, sunny hues. Here, Pink Clay and Terracotta culminate to exude a look that brings to mind Australian sunsets on balmy summer evenings and invites you to get tucked into its warmth. 

Recreate this look with Pink Clay and Terracotta in Our Build Your Own Bundle 

6. Charcoal & Pinstripe

This handsome couple will appeal to anyone who prefers a dialled down colour palette. This monochrome combo pairs the perennially stylish Charcoal with the charming Pinstripe for a look that's classic, moody, and sophisticated.

Recreate this look with Charcoal and Pinstripe in Our Build Your Own Bundle 

7. Olive & Mineral

Cool, calm, and relaxed, this soothing selection in Simone Haag's beachfront weekender is the nature-inspired look that we need right now. Our rich green Olive hue has been paired with Mineral, a perfect blend of greys and refreshing sea tones. Both colours promote peaceful sleeping. 

Recreate this look with Olive and Mineral in Our Build Your Own Bundle 

8. Petrol & Lavender

This dreamy pair in Susan Alexandra's New York City apartment embraces our Petrol and Lavender colourways beautifully. The Petrol hue looks as heavenly and cooling as it feels and together with the magical Lavender the look is alluring and stylish.

Recreate this look with Petrol and Lavender in Our Build Your Own Bundle

9. Stripe & White

Those who love a true classic combination will swoon over Stripe and White. The ultimate timeless pair, these two will allow your bedroom to stay minimalist and calm, but the Pinstripe will add just that extra chic touch to the neutral scheme.

Recreate this look with Stripe and White in Our Build Your Own Bundle

10. Olive Stripe, Sage & White

A touch of Olive Stripe will instantly transform your space, and bring with it an unmatched sense of style, thanks to its lush look and classic stripe. Paired with Sage and White and it is a soothing combination that's perfect for a calm night's rest. 

 Recreate this look with Olive Stripe, Sage, and White in Our Build Your Own Bundle

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