People Are Googling "Bed Design Ideas" and We’ve Got Answers

Did you know there are a whopping 1.5B URLs that come up in organic search results for the term "bed design ideas"? It's true. Which means there are a whole lot of people out there cruising Google for inspiration when it comes to all things bedding. (Also? Pinterest. AKA the place where all your free time goes to die.)

Styling bed linen can be intimidating but when done with careful consideration it can make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your space. The bed is generally the focal point of a bedroom so it makes sense to spend a minute thinking about how it could work for you before you opt for default white. The bedding you ultimately choose will probably depend on numerous factors - the design of your bed (bedhead or no bedhead?), the colour of your walls, the overall vibe of your home, your existing furniture and art, even your favourite colour palette. With that in mind, we're making recommendations so easy anyone can take them on board. Because creating a place you can go to unplug from the day and rest your weary limbs is what it's all about. (Not crying into the pages of your favourite interiors magazines because you'd need to take out a small loan to replicate the expert styling they've featured.)

Ready to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary? Let's go.

#1: Opt for a Luxe Monochrome Palette

Deceptively simple, this trick takes a go-to hue and makes it the star of your bedroom. Black, white, grey and oatmeal are all classic options but if you consider shaking things up with a bold colour like olive green or rust you'll be rewarded. If in doubt remember this colour theory rule: warm shades evoke warmth and cosiness whilst cooler tones will help keep your room feeling fresh.

#2: Add Interest With a Statement Throw

If you're not keen to experiment outside of crisp white linen sheets, that's OK too. (They're considered classic for a reason.) A patterned throw adds an element of texture (and presumably colour), which prevents the styling of an otherwise all-white bed from coming off too basic. Choose a natural, breathable fibre like wool and you can keep it all the end of your bed all year round.

#3: Mix 'n' Match Coordinating or Clashing Linens

How much impact can you get out of pairing two sets of coordinating or clashing linens together? Lots, actually. This uncomplicated trick delivers maximum bang for your buck - it effectively gives you four different ways to style your bedding. Again, neutrals are a safe bet but you can create some amazing combos with a little imagination. (We're fond of throwing a pinstripe in the mix, too.)

#4: Tuck Your Bedding Into the Bed Base

Simple? Yes. Effective? You betcha. Tucking your linens into the bed base (or underneath the mattress) creates a clean, minimalistic look that suits just about any decor. Implementing this trick might depend on your bed frame (it doesn't tend to look quite as crisp if yours has a footer), but when executed properly can actually make your entire space look tidier and bigger. 

#5: Pimp Your Bedside Table

No matter what's going on with your actual bed, a thoughtfully laid out bedside table not only adds interest to your bedroom, it also houses many of your favourite before-bed things. From calming sleep sprays and slumber-inducing crystals to plain old lip balm and water - not to mention your current read - think of it as an altar to self-care and style accordingly.

Opening image: Courtesy of Belle magazine. Styled by Steve Cordony. Photographed by Edward Urrutia.

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