The Nook: Inside the Tranquil Byron Bay Bedroom of Artist Claire Mobbs

Welcome to The Nook, our new weekly series chronicling the dreamy bedrooms of our favourite people on Instagram. For this instalment, we tour the relaxing Byron Bay bedroom the of artist and ceramicist behind Golden Hour, Claire Mobbs.

Visual artist Claire Mobbs paints abstract lines, shapes and landscapes that conjure, in her own words, "a world of warmth, sunshine and serenity". On her Instagram account, the Byron Bay-based creative delivers just that to her dedicated following, combining art-in-progress videos with finished pieces and snaps of her peaceful home studio.

Raised in a creative family, Claire originally studied fashion before realising it wasn't quite the right creative outlet for her. She began creating illustrations and, to her surprise, sold a few of here and there. Then, after becoming unwell, she found herself spending most of her time at home. It was then that she created Golden Hour, offering her art and ceramics that bring a little sunshine into the homes of her growing customer base.

Get to know Claire and tour her serene bedroom below.

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Hi Claire! How long have you been in your current home?

My partner and I have been renting our cottage for six months now and we love it. It's quiet, six minutes from the beach and on 80 acres filled with cows and mango trees. It is the best!

Your bedroom is so zen. How does it reflect your personality?

I am introvert and extrovert all in one. When I create, I feel excited and content, and apart from my studio my bedroom is where I spend the most time at home, so of course this was the first room to get styled after we moved in. I love neutral bedding with throws, plants and flowers, a humidifier with lavender oil every night and books. I am all about keeping the home neutral and bright, lots of cane, white and wood. I feel it makes a small space feel bigger.

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Where are your favourite pieces from and how do you choose what to include in the space?

I've recently ordered some gorgeous bedside tables from Hello Trader and a gorgeous handmade ceramics woman figure, but that will go in my studio. Her name is Stella. My favourite piece at home is our bed base—American oak, simple and perfect. That and the olive tree that my partner's mother bought my last year, it already has olives on it!


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What led you to start painting and making art? What inspires you?

I became unwell, and I remember telling my boyfriend I had this huge urge to just paint. As I could not do much, I required a form of expression, so that’s what I did. I just began painting. Abstract, lines, shapes, landscapes, figures—simplicity. Sometimes, an idea will come to me in a day, and I will sketch it out, plan my palette and paint all day. My most recent collection, Sage, was one of those cases—the inspiration was flowing through me like electricity, such an amazing feeling!

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What’s been the single most crucial tool or strategy you've used to grow your creative business?

Social media. Having a platform that enables me to share my art to thousands of people daily has not only helped grow my business but my confidence as well.

And what’s been the most challenging lesson you've learnt since starting Golden Hour?

Learning when to say yes and no has been big stepping stone for me. Saying no to projects or collaborations that just don't feel quite right is important and I have come to learn that if I say no to that one collaboration it doesn’t mean everyone will suddenly stop enjoying my art. It just means I am pouring all my passion into where I want it to go and building my business how I'd like it to be.

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For more from Claire, follow her at @goldenhourbyclaire.

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