9 Full Moon Rituals That Will Make This Month Your Best Yet

The arrival of our monthly full moon is upon us (this month it falls on the 15th). Now's the time to take a minute to reflect on what's working (or not) in your life - whether that's to do with work, romance or health.

Full moon rituals can be a great way to take stock of where you're at, take a breathe, and reassess for the next new moon. Here are a few that you can try out this week...

Clear Some Space
The best starting point is to cleanse the space around you and create a quiet place that will allow you to gather your thoughts. Clear away any items that don't serve a purpose anymore, and keep only your favourite items closeby. This could be as simple as setting up your bedside table with a favourite candle and book.

Now that your physical space is clean and quiet, it's important to centre your thoughts as well. Find a nice place to sit still, taking deep breaths as you reflect on what went right this month, as well as any goals you didn't quite achieve. Be with your thoughts for as long as you need.

Gratitude Journal
While you're in the process of reflection, take a pen and begin to list down all the things in life that make you feel grateful. They can be as simple as your comfy bed (and bed linen!), your dog, or your best friend. The more you write, the more you are attracting positivity from the universe.

Smudge with Sage
Smudging sage is an ancient practice that is said to purify and drive out negative energy from your space. Start by opening all the windows and doors in your house. Then, light your smudge stick and slowly make your way through the spaces you'd like to cleanse. You can also use the stick to purify yourself by directing the smoke around your body, taking deep breaths in throughout.

Light a Flame 
Another way to take control of your thoughts and feelings during the full moon is to light your favourite candle. Colours come into play here, for example, a white candle can signify healing and purity, while green represents wealth and good luck. If there's a negative thought you'd like to let free, write it down and set it alight (safely, of course).

Charge Your Crystals
Now is the ideal time to gather any crystals you have and lay them out to be recharged by the full moon's light. If you can't do it outside, rest them on your window sill or any place under the light of the moon. Not into crystals? Your favourite jewellery and personal items can also be recharged by the full moon.

Take a Moon Bath
Not that you needed an excuse, but the full moon is the perfect time to pamper yourself with a relaxing bath. Since our bodies are thought to be best at absorbing minerals during this phase, add in some Himalayan pink salt (renowned for its healing properties). Grab a few of your candles, brew a cup of your favourite tea, and set in for the evening.

The full moon brings with it a wave of energy, thoughts and emotions. A fun way to shake it off (literally) is to get up and move around. Whether you're out under the full moon or jumping around your living room, you're sure to release some of that energy build-up from the past month.

This might be the best part of the full moon - celebrating! You've taken time to reflect, noting down what you were able to manifest this month. Now's the time to celebrate with whatever makes you happiest. A favourite dinner spot and a glass of wine sounds about right.

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