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Sleeping Beauty: Why Linen Pillowcases Are Great for Your Face

Words by Jen Nurick

Skin care routines can be a bore. Cleansers leak into our blowouts, creams sting for seconds too long and ten-step regimes cut into the little face time we have with our pillows no matter how early we head for bed. Only at night-time, can our skin work hard to repair and recover itself and, considering we spend one third of our lives asleep—if we’re really militant about Netflix and chilling—we may as well maximise our returns on every one of those elusive zzz’s we work so hard to catch. That includes resting our heads on the right pillowcases to keep our visages youthful and wrinkle-free. Below, we eliminate the idle from the industrious and clue you in on why our Bed Threads linen pillowcases will ensure you put your best face forward…

Very important pillowcase information

Acronyms aside, it is crucial to consider what is happening to your skin during its contact hours with your pillow—so take note of these three tips:

  1. Launder regularly

You should ideally be washing your pillowcases every 2-3 days—a task made easy with our no-nonsense, no dry-clean linen care instructions. If we don’t care for our pillowcases regularly, oils and dirt from our skin and hair as well as the surrounding environment will collect overtime, threatening to clog pores, cause blemishes or irritate sensitive skin.

  1. Opt for pillowcases with proper enclosures  

You want to avoid any face time with your actual pillow, so consider the utility of your pillowcase of choice ahead of its visual appeal. Your pillow should stay within its shell throughout the night like our Bed Threads linen pillowcases, without compromise of colour or style.

  1. The wrong pillowcase may cause acne mechanica

A term for the appearance of acne caused by your skin’s interaction with materials or objects, acne mechanica can be the direct result of too much shut eye on the wrong pillowcase. Besides washing your face nightly before you go to sleep, ensure that your pillowcase is cleaned frequently but also comfortable to sleep on—or watch as it becomes a hotbed of dirt and discomfort that will threaten an inevitable breakout.

Identify strengths and weaknesses of popular alternatives


Besides the excessive water wasted in its production, regular cotton pillowcases can result in dry skin, with a host of symptoms such as itching, redness, rashes, scaling and peeling all possible from their use. Cotton pillowcases may strip the skin of essential oils and minerals—potentially speeding the aging process—and may shrink when washed, wrinkling easily as well.


Although there are countless offerings on the market, silk pillowcases are comparatively expensive, harder to care for—often demanding dry-cleaning—and will tear easily. Similar alternatives like satin or nylon will be more cheaply available and claim to have the same effects, but with lower absorbency levels, these options will also make your skin sweat throughout the night.

Make linen your go-to

Durable, anti-bacterial and easy to wash, linen pillowcases make the perfect bedfellows to catch the most beauty sleep. No harsh chemicals are used to craft or wash our Bed Threads linen, meaning that sleeping on our pillowcases won’t exacerbate sensitive or acne-prone skin. The absorbency and temperature-regulating technologies of the material prevent facial sweat and adjust to match body temperature, facilitating you to sleep unperturbed through the night and prevent breakouts simultaneously.

The right pillowcase must also be made of natural fabrics—just like our 100% pure French flax linen—these will be more breathable and transfer less oils while you sleep. That our Bed Threads come in a variety of colourways, even allowing you to customise your own bundle, means that you can not only sleep soundly in the knowledge that your skin is taken care of, but accomplish this in style, too.

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