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The Perfect Paint Colour For Your Home, According to Your Star Sign

Choosing a paint colour can seem nearly impossible, even once you've narrowed your options down (who knew there were that many greys?). You want the colours in your home to really suit your personality, so we turned to the zodiac to point us in the right direction.

Here are our top paint colour picks for each of the twelve astrological signs.

Aries: Terracotta

As an Aries, you're a passionate soul who's up for just about any new adventure, and your magnetic personality draws others in. Ruled by Mars, terracotta is a dynamic, warm colour to show off your individuality.

Taurus: Emerald

You're grounded, with your feet firmly placed on the floor. The finer things in life are appealing, and you appreciate living in style. A deep emerald colour matches your strong personality while also appealing to your earthy sensibilities.

Gemini: Rose

Rosy pink is a natural fit for a Geminibright, youthful and quirky. Not only is it a natural conversation starter (we know you love a chat), its soft tone will appeal to the other side of you; the one that likes to relax, read and daydream.

Cancer: Lilac

A Cancer needs to feel at peace the moment they step through the door. Your home is a personal sanctuary where you recharge the batteries after a long day. Lilac, a pale violet tone, resonates serenity and is the ideal option for these sensitive souls.

Leo: Plum

Displaying elegance and an undeniably regal aura, plum is a dynamic jewel tone that complements a Leo's royal roots. Your commanding personality is the only things that can outshine this bold hue.

Virgo: Teal

Intelligent and analytical, Virgos have a positive outlook and are great friends to have around. Teal is an equally optimistic colour that doesn't feel like it's trying too hard. Dignified, understated and balanced.

Libra: Olive

Olive is a shade of green that will keep a Libra feeling grounded (even if their head is in the clouds). Green tones represent harmony and balance, two things Librans are in constant search of.

Scorpio: Black

We know that Scorpios aren't afraid of standing by their bold decisions. And what's bolder than a black wall? Nothing.

Sagittarius: Amethyst 

Energetic by nature, white walls won't satisfy a Sagittarius. You're creative, clever and always curious. Amethyst is an energetic hue that will shift with the light and pull you in to take a closer look.

Capricorn: Navy

You prefer the classics, and maybe you're even a bit of a traditionalist. Navy is a timeless colour that will forever be chicconservative yet sophisticated.

Aquarius: Powder Blue

Aquarians enjoy experimenting, and aren't afraid of taking the road less travelled, so to speak. An air sign ruled by Uranus, it's only natural that powder blue is your perfect paint colour.

Pisces: Aqua

The home of a Pisces should be reminiscent of an underwater fantasy, where it's easy to unwind and shake off any stress accumulated throughout the day. Aqua captures the glistening shades of the ocean and transports you straight to the shore.

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