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Why Linen Sheets Will Give You a Better Night's Sleep

If you're like us, you're constantly searching for tips and tricks to get a peaceful six to eight hours a night. Essential oils can help, as does reading a book before putting your head down on the pillow. These are a great start, however, investing in high-quality sheets is essential. After all, you're wrapping yourself in them for roughly one-third of your life. Flax linen is the perfect, year-round choice—here's why.

Is there anything that matches the feeling of coming home to a bed that looks as inviting as a cut out from a glossy design magazine? We don't think so. It's so easy to make our linen look good as it does the hard work for you, draping ever so casually-yet-elegantly. That's it, no ironing or tucking required.


This is a truly important factor for all of us that have a tendency to overheat in summer and freeze our toes off in winter. Flax linen fibres have a hollow core, meaning they're not as tightly woven as cotton. The result is a nice, even temperature all year round, which keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cool, as they adjust as your body does. 

Nowadays more than ever, we expect our favourite brands to be as sustainable as possible. Flax linen happens to be a super eco-friendly option when it comes to its production. Our 100% French flax linen requires less water and fewer pesticides to cultivate, and most of the flax crop is used in production—you know the flax seeds you have in your smoothie? Yep, same plant. 

While we still recommend you wash your sheets regularly (which will make them even softer!), your flax linen sheets will work to ward off dirt and bacteria, so when it comes to germs, there's nothing to lose sleep over.

Not to harp on about it, but you spend an incredible amount of time each year between your sheets. They become something you look forward to when you're run down or have had a trying day. It makes sense, then, to invest in a set that will carry you through for years to come. Our French flax linen sheets age so beautifully, becoming more soft and comfortable as time goes on... so your excuse to stay in bed is here. 

Enjoyed this? Find out how to properly care for your 100% flax linen.

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