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These Hard-To-Kill Houseplants Are About To Be Everywhere This Spring

Are you the type of person that gets excited about a plant sale? Same. Given that we're about to move into brighter, spring days, we're thinking about all things house plants. They're good for the air, they bring the outdoors in and they're nice to look at - house plants are a necessary accessory to any home.

Whether you've got an urban jungle situation going on, or you're looking for your first foray into the plant world, we've rounded up the nine most popular house plants for spring (hint: there's not a fiddle leaf fig in sight).

Leopard Lily
The leopard lily gets its name from the patterned green and yellow leaves that grow at different heights from its central stems. The leopard lily's striking foliage gives it a distinctive tropical aesthetic that's perfect for brightening a dull corner.

With a string of heart-shaped leaves that chain together, pothos (also named devil's ivy) is an ideal addition to a bookshelf, desk or bedside table. Available in a range of options from variegated to golden yellow, this climber's abundant greenery is a showstopper. 

Zebra Plant
Looking for something with pizazz? The zebra plant will not disappoint. Its fascinating leaf patterns often feature bright pinks, deep purples and neon greens for a touch of the Amazon rainforest at home.

Moth Orchids
I know, I knowan orchid? Too hard, right? The moth orchid is actually the easiest of the orchid species to grow. Perch yours on a nice, sunny (not direct) window sill and let their heavenly petals and scent fill the room. 

Hailing from the rainforests of South America, the philodendron is a power player in the house plant game. With glossy green leaves in varying shapes and sizes, philodendrons grow best in rainforest conditions with indirect light and lukewarm water.

Truly timeless, the anthurium works as well in traditional homes as it does in a modern apartment. And what's not to love? Lush, glossy leaves combine with stunning flowers in deep reds, pinks, and whites for a beautiful display.

Rubber Plant
With its moody burgundy and dark green foliage, the rubber plant is très chic. It gives off an air of sophistication and will draw you in for a closer look every time. It'll look as good in a wicker basket as it will in a concrete pot.

Elephant Ear
Elephant ear plants get their name from their big, shapely leaves that cascade down to meet at a point. The contrast of the dark-coloured leaves and the light veins that run along them gives a deep, dramatic look.

Air Plant
Here's an option for those of us who tend to forget about our leafy friends from time to time. An air plant is able to absorb water and nutrients from the air, meaning you get to spend time enjoying their cool, futuristic shapes and less time potting and watering.

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