Astrologist Meghan Rose helps us set intentions for the year of 2024.

| By Meghan Rose | Journal

This Is Your 2024 Mantra to Live By, According to Your Star Sign

Astrologist Meghan Rose helps us set intentions for the year of 2024.

It’s hard to believe we’re almost a month into 2024. It feels like only yesterday we were celebrating the festive season and entering into holiday mode.

It can be a difficult time getting back into the swing of things after a small hiatus from our nine to fives – so we’ve turned to our resident astrologer Meghan Rose for a little bit of 2024 guidance.

Along with a collection of exclusive star sign prints created by visionary painter Meagan Boyd, zodiac extraordinaire Meghan Rose has given each sign some intentions to help guide us into the new year.

Keep reading to find out what your zodiac sign mantra is for the year of 2024.


Dear Aries, without knowing it, you change the world with your mere presence alone. You are a powerful light that can bring anyone out of the darkness. When you allow yourself to stand out, the entire world benefits from your gifts. Remember that you were never meant to blend in, so this year and beyond, allow yourself to shine. Your wisdom and wit allow others to feel safe to unfold into their own fullness. You are a driven, inspiring, and curious warrior. You deserve a life that feels like a passionate adventure.


Dear Taurus, you are a grounded and calming presence in the face of a storm. Being near you feels like a warm hug. You are attentive, thoughtful, and just as beautiful outside as you are inside. Your dedication to joy and prosperity will bring you blessings this year and beyond. You are destined for greatness, so it’s important to be patient with the process. Give yourself permission to be supported by others, and remember you can always ask for more. You understand the ever-changing currents of society, and know how to pick out the best option in food, culture, music, and more. You bring an amazing energy to all that you do, and those who get to know you are better for it.


Dear Gemini, your imagination is both wild and inspiring. This year, allow yourself to share more of what you enjoy and see how receptive others are to you. You deserve to see yourself the way others do: in awe and amazement. You are capable, kind, and strong. The world will continue to be impressed by your adaptability. You are quick, witty, savvy. The world is your oyster, and it’s important that you continue to rise up and experience all that you desire. You are able to see all sides with a discerning eye, proving that superpowers do, in fact, exist. Let life surprise you often, and never allow yourself to get tired of learning more about the world around you.


Dear Cancer, with your gentle, curious, and open-minded nature, it’s easy for others to feel comfortable and accepted in your presence. Allow life to hold you in the same type of sweet embrace this year. You deserve to be supported as your tender heart sifts through all that this earth has to offer. Your sensitivity is your superpower. Allow yourself to feel empowered by your ability to feel deeply. Your wisdom is something otherworldly, and it’s okay for you to rest and recharge after your deep dives into the spirit realm.


Dear Leo, you are more sensitive and caring than you get credit for. Your generosity with your time, money, and energy is something that will be paid back to you by the Universe this year. You are fearless, courageous, and brilliant. It’s hard for others to turn away when you walk into a room. This magnetic force that you carry around with you will start to attract abundance, prosperity, love, and joy to you this year and beyond. Believe in yourself and your ability to do great things and they will start to materialize. Your joy can change the world, so be sure to prioritize yourself above all else this year.


Dear Virgo, you are a magnificent work of art. You dream of seeing the world change for the better, and each time you are involved in something it improves. Anytime you make mistakes, remember they are simply opportunities to learn and grow. This year is all about giving yourself grace with your process. Creating, experiencing more of the world, and feeling a sense of joy are all in your birthright. You do not need to struggle to have the life you desire. You are allowed to shed outdated beliefs over and over again. Now is the time to allow yourself to rest, receive, and recharge. You are worthy just as you are.


Dear Libra, you are an ethereal and magical being full of charm and delight. You are capable of bringing beauty to everything around you. You are magnetic, enticing, exciting, and deserving of all the positive parts of your life. You are much more than meets the eye, and your wisdom extends beyond time and space. This year, you will be recognised for your skills and abilities. Others will be amazed by you and want to offer you the world. The final choice will be yours in 2024 when it comes to love, career, and all that life has to offer. Shoot for the moon – you deserve it all and then some.


Dear Scorpio, with your discerning eye and passionate heart, you were meant to live life in a big way. There is no doubt that others see you as a powerful force and someone that intrigues them from the moment you arrive. Your spirit is deep and multi-faceted, helping you stand out from the crowd. When you are dedicated to something, there’s no stopping you. This year, you will realise how much of an upward spiral you are on. The universe will bless you in every way it possibly can, just be sure to keep your heart wide open to receive it all.


Dear Sagittarius, you are a master at exploring all that this world has to offer. You are a lighthouse in the midst of storms and help others to see the positive aspects of life when they forget how magical it is. You are fierce, powerful, and passionate, giving you an opportunity to make a monumental impact on the world this year. There is no good deed too small, and if you are open to collaborating with the universe, you will receive many karmic gifts throughout the year. Your mantra is collaboration. Open yourself to doing good, seeing the good in others, and receiving all of that goodness back ten-fold.


Dear Capricorn, you are a dedicated and deserving student of the universe. Life smiles upon you when you find balance and alignment with your dreams. Allow yourself to give into your sensual pleasures and delights this year. You are a motivated, concerned, and confident being and it’s finally time for you to get your flowers. You will receive tons of love, admiration, and blessings this year simply because you are you! Stay open and optimistic about how good life can get, and watch the way the world moves around you to match this belief. You do not have to work hard for attention, gifts, or happiness.


Dear Aquarius, you are a pioneer for the new world and ways of being. You see the world through a clear and unique perspective and this allows the world to wake up to even bigger and better things. You are quietly confident, creative, and love to have a good laugh. This is a recipe for a happy life and your mantra for the year is “life is allowed to be easy”. Instead of focusing on the challenging parts of life, this year you will allow joy to flow to you and through you, as you deserve.


Dear Pisces, you are a highly intuitive, sensitive, and creative being. Your heart is a home for art and romance, even in the most mundane of experiences. You are an alchemist, able to take your hardships and turn them into valuable lessons. Instead of handing you more challenges, this year life is going to start bringing you gifts and tools that make your life more effortless and abundant. Stay grateful and grounded, releasing anything or anyone that holds you back from shining your light. From this new reality, you will start to realize just how worthy you are. Remind yourself that it’s okay to raise your standards even higher this year.

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