It's time to get crafty on a small budget.

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7 Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Area For Less Than $300

It's time to get crafty on a small budget.

We love to be creative here at Bed Threads. We know that often you might have the desire to make changes to your home but not have the time and money for a big renovation. Does that mean you’ll have to put your plans on hold? Absolutely no! It just means you need to get a little bit crafty with the budget that you have.

It’s still possible to improve and transform your space without doing a major renovation, no matter which area you’re focussing on – and this is especially true when it comes to outdoor areas. It doesn’t matter about the size of the space, the state it’s in or the funds you’re working with; you can always make changes – all it takes is a little imagination.

1. Get planning

All home updates – big or small – benefit from a little bit of planning. If you sit down, even just for a few hours, to think about what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it, your micro-renovation will go a lot smoother. Think about the size of your outdoor space and how you hope to use it.

Are you working with a small balcony or a slightly bigger courtyard? Are you hoping to make it a cosy nook for reading, or a place to entertain a few friends over drinks and snacks? Knowing what it is you want will help you with your planning and execution.

Obviously, planning won't cost you a cent

2. Plants, plants, plants

First plan, then plants. We are huge fans of all things green, both indoors and outdoors. But if you’re lucky enough to have a little bit of outdoor space, you really should go to town with the ferns and foliage.

Go for a selection of mismatched pots, and bring life and vitality to your balcony or courtyard with plenty of hardy house plants. If you only have a teeny tiny balcony, you could consider a window box filled with herbs – great for those who love to cook – or flowers.

You can pick up a range of different outdoor plants for as little as $20 or herbs sell for approximately $5 each if you're looking to start your own herb garden.

3. Reinvigorate old furniture

Has your backyard furniture seen better days? Give it a refresh and you’ll be surprised by how different your outdoor space looks. Old wooden garden furniture can be easily improved by a coat of varnish or paint. If they’re in good nick, but could do with a little bit of dressing up, why not think about some cushions or throw blankets?

If you have one of our thicker 100% flax linen Throw blankets, try relocating it outside on cooler evenings, draped over your old courtyard bench. Or use some of our 100% flax linen European Pillowcases to add colour and depth to your outdoor furniture.

Paint prices can vary depending on the brand and type. Generally speaking, you can pick up a 1L bucket of outdoor paint for as little as $50 from your local hardware store.

4. Try a firepit

Nothing adds ambience or atmosphere to an outdoor space like a firepit. You can get small, portable ones from Bunnings or Temple & Webster for really reasonable prices, and once you get the hang of lighting fires in there, you’ll never go back.

Radiating warmth and creating a romantic, moody atmosphere, a firepit will transform a lacklustre outdoor space into a cosy gathering spot. This one is best for those of us who have a nice big courtyard of our own to enjoy – don’t try this on a balcony.

Firepits can get expensive, but you can easily source a good quality one for around $70.

5. A little rug goes a long way

If your balcony is undercover, now’s your chance to add some colour and pattern to your outdoor space with a rug. Choose one that can withstand any inclement weather the world might throw at you – woven grass rugs are a great choice here. But a chic rug will help bring depth to a balcony, no matter the size, and will lend the space a lived-in feel.

The price for a small balcony area starts at $30.

6. Use furniture wisely

Space might be an issue, especially if all you have to work with is a small balcony or verandah. If that is the case, opt for foldable furniture that can be easily tucked away to increase the standing area.

It’s important to get at least a chair and a small table out on your balcony, though. Even with a slim, folding chair and a tiny table, you will be able to use the space to do what balconies were surely made for: enjoying a morning coffee in the sun, or reading on a Sunday afternoon with an aperitif.

Snag a bargain by checking out online marketplaces for cheaper (but good quality) secondhand furniture or IKEA sells small table and chair sets for as little as $150.

7. Switch up the lighting

You can transform the atmosphere of your outdoor space simply by making switches with your lighting. A few strings of inexpensive fairy lights will give your balcony or courtyard a wistful, twinkly feeling, or opt for a few paper lanterns for an old-school vibe.

Another great, and affordable, option? Candles. Tea lights or tapered candles, scattered across a table in your courtyard is almost impossibly romantic. Set the mood with your lighting when it comes to your outdoor space.

You can pick up a box of fairy lights for around $20 or head to your local dollar store for a large pack of tealight candles for as little as $5.

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