11 of the Best Podcasts for Every Mood

Podcasts have truly revolutionised the way we consume information and entertainment. They provide one of the most convenient ways to learn something new and are perfect for daily commutes, busy routines, to wind down with, or simply to keep you entertained when you're completing mundane tasks like washing up. 

There are a host of fantastic podcasts to listen to from thought-provoking to comedic, and we're always on the hunt for an addictive new podcast to add to our rotations. 

Whether you're looking for financial advice or simply want to have a laugh, we've rounded up a selection of insightful, inspiring, and binge-worthy podcasts that need to be added to your playlist. 

11 of the Best Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

1. Best thought-provoking podcast: Making Sense with Sam Harris

Philosopher, neuroscientist, and author Sam Harris’ podcast Making Sense is incredibly thought-provoking. He delves into controversial yet important questions with highly intelligent guests about the human mind, society, and current events. He touches on various topics ranging from philosophy, medicine, technology, and politics.

2. Best relationship psychology podcast: Where Should We Begin

This podcast is fantastic for anyone who wants to foster better relationships and develop better communication skills. Each episode Psychotherapist Esther Perel puts you in the room with couples in therapy as they reveal the most intimate, personal, and complicated details of their relationships. Perel's ability to help couples' work through their issues is eye-opening and inspiring.

3. Best design podcast: 99% Invisible

Produced and created by Roman Mars, 99% Invisible brings to light things we don't typically think about, namely the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world. It divulges into nearly-invisible design processes that you had no idea were incredibly fascinating and then explains why they are. 

4. Best comedy podcast: My Dad Wrote a Porno 

The premise might sound somewhat questionable but those keen for a laugh will thoroughly enjoy this hilarious British podcast. Each episode brings together three English friends who read aloud a chapter from a very poorly written erotica novel called Belinda Blinked. The kick? One of the host's father's wrote it. This feel-good podcast will take you on a wild ride and is sure to produce non-stop giggles.

5. Best current affairs podcast: The Daily

Powered by New York Times journalism, The Daily podcast provides background and understanding about current affairs in a truly engaging tone. It's produced five times a week and each episode is 20 minutes long so you can genuinely listen on a daily basis. It's a great tool for getting caught up on hard news and each episode focuses on one particular current event or issue with great journalism and excellent interviews.

6. Best society & culture podcast: Bang On

Hosted by music journalists and presenters Myf Warhurst and Zan Rowe, Bang On deep dives into the biggest conversations of the week. They also share what they’re reading, listening to, and reflecting on in a friendly and engaging tone.

7. Best crime podcast: Crime Show

There are countless crime podcasts out there, but what we like about Crime Show is that it's a little bit different. Rather than talking about incidences that have happened to other people, each episode of this podcast tell the stories of crimes, by the people who actually lived them. 

8. Best general knowledge podcast: No Such Thing as a Fish 

Fans of the quiz show QI and inquisitive people alike will love this podcast. The fact researchers of QI meet weekly to discuss their favourite facts they've discovered over the last seven days. It's broad, fascinating and sometimes silly with discussions ranging from cows having friends to why every single French MP received camembert in the post.

9. Best feminist podcast: A Podcast of One's Own

Former prime minister and Chair of the Global Institute for Women's Leadership, Julia Gillard's fantastic podcast is a must-listen for women. Each inspiring episode features Gillard in a thoughtful but fun conversation with a diverse range of predominantly female leaders from the worlds of business, entertainment, media, sport and many more. 

10. Best financial podcast: She's On the Money

Talking about money can be stressful and a bit of a bore, but this podcast helps change that. Targeted predominantly at millennial women, She's On the Money provides you with tips and tricks to helping you achieve financial freedom in an accessible and approachable fashion. Each episode is hosted by financial advisor Victoria Devine and co-host Annabelle Lee who dive into how we can change our relationship with money for the better.

11. Best fashion podcast: Fashion Revolution Podcast

One for the fashion lovers, Fashion Revolution Podcast surveys the hidden stories behind the clothes we wear. International fashion journalist Tamsin Blanchard explores the intersection of sustainability, ethics and transparency in the fashion industry speaking to researchers, supply chain experts, garment workers, politicians and activists. Each episode will equip you with practical ways to help make a positive difference.

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