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According To Us, This Is What Your Favourite Emoji Says About You

Have you ever peeped the most used emoji section in your text messages? Like looking into the deepest depths of your soul, the tiny animated characters you use the most tend to say a lot about you. Are you always glass half-full, a lover of The Notebook and keeper of sentimental bric-a-brac? We’d bet you employ the classic ❤️️ a lot. Constantly disappointed by strangers, very into philosophy memes and quite fond of sarcasm? 😑 is probably more your speed. As more emojis pop up with each iOS update (currently at 1,000+ and counting) there’s an endless array of emojis to reflect every ~mood~. That said it seems most of us fall back on the same select few time and time again. So what do your favourite teensy figures say about you? Let’s find out.


Person facepalming 🤦‍♀️

What it says about you: Strangers annoy you quite a lot. You’re forever having to pick up slack for others, especially at home. (You can get very feisty in your housemates group chat.) Your other favourite emoji is the eye roll face.

Used in a text: 

Grimacing face 😬

What it says about you: Being straightforward is not your strong suit. You don’t like making anyone uncomfortable so if communicating by text you’ll always soften the blow with a few choice emojis.

Used in a text:

Face with tears of joy 😂

What it says about you: You don’t like confrontation and become passive-aggressive when you’re irritated. Sometimes you use this emoji to confuse the receiver with a sarcasm. (Is she serious or not? You’ll never know!)

Used in a text:

Dizzy symbol 💫

What is says about you: You’re extra and you’re very okay with that. Life is for living and you are LIVING girl.

Used in a text: 


Thumbs up sign


What it says about you. You’re either completely normal, extremely pass-aggressive, or over 50.

Used in a text:


Money with wings


What it says about you: Afterpay is your bae.

Used in a text:

Crystal ball


What it says about you: Amateur mysticism is all you care about rn. Tarot is your true life’s work (not your day job as an accountant), and you’re starting to think you’ve been gifted with a sixth sense.

Used in a text: