The Secret Decorating Hacks All Californians Know (That You Don't)

From the glamorous Hollywood Hills to the breathtaking redwood forests in the north, California boasts an air of effortlessness. Here, bohemians and supermodels mingle, fostering a dreamy lifestyle that's straight off the silver screen.

There's no surprise then, that California-inspired interiors are consistently the most pinned, liked, and requested. Californians know how to decorate their homes to perfectly suit their laidback lives, replicating the fresh coastal style we've all fallen in love with. We're here to share all the Californian decorating hacks to give your place a bit of that Cali-cool.

Comfort First
A recurring theme amongst Californian homes is that they look like the perfect place to spend a sunny Sunday with a favourite read. Harsh edges are swapped for plush sofas and soft cushions that invite you to stay awhile. With comfort at the forefront, you'll always be happy to come home after a long day.

Handmade Pieces
The classic Californian design aesthetic tends to lean towards the natural, bohemian side. You won't find two homes that are the same, though, because their residents choose to seek out original pieces like handwoven baskets and one-off ceramics to decorate with—resulting in a collected, curated look.

Photographic Prints
Go bold when it comes to this Californian decorating hack. Whether it's an iconic Palm Springs scene by Slim Aarons or one of Eugene Tan's Malibu aerials, a statement piece of art is perfect for evoking a sense of Cali at home. Use the sublime hues within as inspiration for your overall colour palette.

Light Fabrics
They don't call California the Golden State for no reason—its residents enjoy a typically sunkissed climate for most of the year. It makes sense then, that light fabrics such as pure linen are favoured for furniture and homewares to keep things feeling nice and fresh in the home. Imagine slightly opaque curtains billowing in the breeze while the afternoon sun streams in. Heaven.

Oversized Rug 
A decorating trap to avoid is selecting lots of small pieces to fill a room. Even a modestly sized room should take advantage of this Californian hack—the oversized rug. In a living room, your rug should run at least the entire length of your sofa, and be big enough to tuck under the legs slightly. This gives you a well-defined area and a beautiful, soft texture underfoot.

Warm Woods
The most common component to a California-chic home? Warm, natural wooden elements. Introduce a reclaimed timber buffet or coffee table into the mix to play on the eclectic style that makes these interiors so fascinating. Bonus points for original timber floorboards!

Indoors Out
Nailing the indoor/outdoor flow is key to achieving that West Coast feeling. If you're lucky enough to have outdoor living spaces, aim to relate them to what's happening inside, and vice versa. Carry the same colour tones, fabrics and general styling ideas throughout for a cohesive and relaxed layout.

Layer Up
As the sun sets on another glorious day in California, residents reach for warm comforts to soothe a chilly night. Keep furry throws and light blankets handy for times when the temperature drops suddenly. Incorporate neutral tones so they do double duty, enhancing your decor throughout the day.

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